Test App: 10 reasons why You Should Outsource Mobile App Testing Services

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Test App: 10 reasons why You Should Outsource Mobile App Testing Services

There are a plethora of mobile apps released daily on all the existing app stores especially on Google Play store and iOS Apple Store,  with both platforms boasting of a combined 5 million apps on their platforms. Most Mobile App developers in a bid to reduce the cost of app development which usually runs between $5000-$500000 budget (depending on the type of app) are usually reluctant to outsource their Mobile App Testing Services to third parties Mobile App QA and testing companies.

This article attempts to highlight 10 reasons why Mobile App developers should outsource their Mobile App testing and QA to Top Software Testing Companies.


Mobile App testing requires a deep and sound knowledge of the latest technologies on multiple platforms. Hence, it is necessary to outsource QA and app testing to competent app testing companies for a better and quality app within the shortest possible time. Sometimes, Outsourcing QA Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Business

2. Save Cost

The major aim of every investor is to save the cost of production. The best means to save cost in Mobile App development is to outsource QA and app testing to third parties who possess deep knowledge of the various app testing techniques.

3. Saving time

Time is an important consideration in app development. Outsourcing QA and App testing is a veritable means to produce quality and the outstanding app quickly and faster, given that app testing companies focused only on testing app bugs or defects.

4. Quality Assurance

Most times, app developers are blind to bugs or defects they unknowingly introduce while designing app. It will be disastrous if users are the one noticing bugs or defects in-app,  as they will drop bad reviews about the app. Hence,  it is important to outsource app testing for Quality Assurance before releasing an app into the market.

5.End-to-end service

Mobile App testing transcends only checking the app for bugs, defects or glitches. It allows apps to be thoroughly tested across all mobile platforms thus reducing the risk of developing a non-functional app.  Aside from that,  outsourcing companies also provide technical support to apologize to users.

6.Leverage on Emerging Technologies

The Mobile App market is a very competitive and dynamic market. Hence, designing an outstanding app is dependent on utilizing available emerging technologies. App testing and QA companies are well placed and informed about the latest technologies that are relevant for an app and hence, integrate them into an app in order for the app to have an edge in the fierce Mobile App market.


The different app requires a different number of professional testers to work on them. Hence, it is better to outsource app testing to third parties QA and testing companies who can provide the required resources and professionals needed without an additional cost to the app developer.

8.High Productivity:

App testing and QA firms build their expertise around App testing and QA alone. They harness the numerous opportunities inherent in the various latest and emerging technologies to produce a creative and outstanding app with an optimal budget.

9.Delegate Task

Outsourcing Mobile App testing to third parties allow Mobile App developers to focus on their primary task of developing a varied number of outstanding apps. By outsourcing app testing, they have successfully delegates part of their task and functions, in which if they attempt to do it in-house, it will lead to additional cost and time.


Even the best and most performing apps know the market is prone to attack from hackers. Hence, it is necessary to outsource app testing for bug detection and security breaches to third parties. Security Testers Experts are skilled enough to protect your application from the violation or unintended penetration. 

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