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Platform - Made Perfect To Go-live With Rigorous Web Testing

End-to-end web application testing equals assured performance across all browsers and devices, validated on next-generation QA tools and tech. Talk to us for user-friendly and secure web apps positively impacting end-user experience. As a leading Web Application Testing Company, we ensure flawless performance and reliability for your web apps.

Why Test With Testrig

Your Partner in Perfecting Web Applications from A to Z

Testrig, has a decade of experience in web application testing services, and a strong reputation for expertise. We thoroughly test code for compatibility with various devices, platforms, and systems, covering functionality, UI/UX, usability, and security.

Deploy new features with speed & efficiency –
Advanced web testing strategy empowers us to identify bugs in advance, enabling faster testing and smoother rollout of new features.
Improve customers confidence in the application –
Customized QA specific to web app testing requirements for quality run while being device and browser agnostic, and fostering customer trust.
Future-proof web application performance –
Rigorous tests of the web app during the build, after each iteration and sprint, minimizes the risk of future failures.

Solutions We Offer

Quality-driven Web Application Testing for Optimal Performance

Functional Testing

No more bugs or glitches with web app features and functions working as intended, ensuring improved quality, reliability, and user experience.

Compatibility Testing

Consistent performance on various platforms, devices, operating systems, and networks – at all times. Backed on our cross-device testing.

Performance Testing

Robust, responsive, & stable apps that handle extreme loads and planned data/user volumes.

System Integration Testing

Verify the compatibility and functionality of interconnected systems, mitigating risks and maximizing the efficiency of your overall software ecosystem.

Usability Testing

Improved user engagement as we identify and fix issues in your web app’s GUI, & navigation, ultimately making it more user-friendly.

Automation Testing

Achieve optimal accuracy and minimize human error by automating workflows for multiple testing types with the help of modern QA practices.

Security Testing

Better security posture as we evaluate web app security in depth to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

End to End Testing

Ensure seamless user experience by identifying and resolving any functional or usability issues throughout the entire user journey, from initial interaction to final action, ultimately maximizing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

QA Toolkit To Maximize Your Web App Potential

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Go Live Without Glitches Impacting Web Application