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Agile Testing Services: Where Quality Engineering Meets Speed

The business world's rapid globalization and dynamic changes have sparked the emergence of innovative software development approaches, such as Agile methodologies and Agile Testing. At Testrig, our turnkey Agile and DevOps testing solutions will support you at every stage of your quality journey, leading to faster delivery and higher-quality software applications.

Why Test With Testrig

Agile Testing, Agile Results – Your Partner In Achieving Agile Software Development Excellence

Agile testing is an essential component of the SDLC, allowing for the delivery of top-quality software on a tight budget and schedule. Our agile testing team at Testrig is involved in all QA activities from the ground up to ensure that we meet the client’s expectations and requirements. We are proactive in detecting and resolving technical issues and potential bugs during the testing phase.

Speed up innovation with reduced product development cycles. Our cloud-based technologies and platforms create problem-solving products quickly, with highly scalable results and reduced time to market.
Enhanced profitability. Agile methodology detects errors quickly, shortening the dev-test gap, giving an edge over rivals, releasing products faster, capturing larger market share, and generating higher revenue.
Reduced costs for bug fixing. Fixing errors promptly reduces rework and allows avoiding complete project redo after the coding phase. Regular testing updates highlight vulnerabilities to act quickly and prioritize essential functions.

Our Agile Testing Services: The Fast Lane To High-quality Software

Our agile testing services are highly customized, drawing upon our extensive niche expertise. At Testrig, we offer the following agile-led tests:

Our Key Differentiators

Agility At Every Stage – Your Partner For Agile Testing In A Rapidly Globalizing World

  • Achieve Continuous Integration (CI) and automation by utilizing a sophisticated test automation framework (TAF), which effortlessly integrates with prominent CI tools and deployment processes.
  • Multiple colocated teams can work together in a highly collaborative manner and achieve agility and quality assurance with the help of the Distributed Agile Framework.
  • Utilizing crowdsourced and colocated teams to manage a distributed Agile environment, while implementing a “Time Zone Matrix” to effectively plan scrum meetings and support a global delivery model.
  • Achieving Agile Excellence through Lean Governance – Thorough alignment with the Agile development process is ensured by the implementation of quality gates, sprint retrospection, reviews, and the use of metrics and measures.

Our Expertise

Agile Tools And Technologies: The Building Blocks Of Quality Engineering

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