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Ensuring the quality of software applications before releasing them to end-users is a critical step in the software development lifecycle. Testrig ensures that end-users receive high-quality and functional software applications that meet all product requirements and needs.

Why Test With Testrig

Launch Your Product Successfully With Our Testing Expertise

At our QA team, we excel in enhancing the software release process and preventing severe defects from entering the production environment. Our aim is to help you swiftly and confidently release software, while simultaneously enhancing the quality and reliability of your products.

Higher product quality. Enhance the quality of your applications through improved testing accuracy, wider code coverage, faster testing speed, and timely feedback to developers during the development process.
Ensure compatibility. Confirm that software applications operate accurately and consistently on diverse web browsers and operating systems.
Cost-efficient development. Identifying defects and design flaws earlier in the software development lifecycle facilitates easier and more cost-effective bug fixing.

Solutions We Offer

Ensuring Quality And Reliability, Every Step Of The Way

Selenium Test Automation Services

With our Selenium test automation service, we provide end-to-end test automation services that include test planning, test case creation, test execution, and test reporting. Our team of skilled test automation engineers can help you identify critical test scenarios and develop automated test scripts to test your software applications across multiple platforms, devices, and browsers.

Tosca Test Automation Services

Testrig’s Tosca test automation service provides a comprehensive solution for creating tests for different types of applications such as API, web, and mobile. It supports a wide range of testing levels including exploratory, system integration, performance testing using NeoLoad, and regression testing. These services can be easily configured within the DevOps CI and CD pipeline.

Appium Test Automation Services

Our Appium Test Automation Services offer comprehensive and efficient testing solutions for mobile applications. With our expertise in Appium, a popular open-source test automation framework, we help you accelerate your testing process and enhance the quality of your mobile apps. Our services are tailored to meet your specific testing requirements, ensuring that your app is thoroughly tested and ready for release.

Rest Assured Test Automation Services

Our Rest Assured Test Automation Services offer reliable and efficient testing solutions for REST APIs using the Rest Assured framework. We provide comprehensive testing services that ensure the functionality, performance, and security of your APIs, enabling you to deliver high-quality software products with confidence. Our experienced team utilizes the latest testing methodologies and tools to deliver fast, scalable, and cost-effective test automation services that meet your specific business needs.

Cypress Test Automation Services

Our Cypress Test Automation Services provide reliable and efficient testing solutions for web applications using the Cypress framework. We offer end-to-end test automation services that help identify and fix bugs early in the development cycle, ensuring a seamless user experience. With our expertise in Cypress, we can create custom test cases, execute tests, and provide detailed reports that enable faster and more efficient software development.

Karate Test Automation Services

Our Karate automation testing services utilize the power of the open-source Karate framework to efficiently and effectively test your software applications. With our expert team of Karate testers, we offer end-to-end automation testing solutions to ensure your application is thoroughly tested for quality and performance, saving you time and resources.

Playwright Automated Testing Services

With features like cross-browser compatibility, multi-page workflow support, and performance testing, organizations can enhance the quality and reliability of their web applications with our Playwright automated testing services while optimizing their testing processes.

Performance Testing Services

Our performance testing services optimize software performance using industry-leading tools like Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, NeoLoad, and BlazeMeter. We ensure peak load handling and exceptional performance in diverse scenarios.

Security Testing Services

Our security testing services thoroughly assess vulnerabilities and ensure system safety. We use advanced tools like Acunetix, ZAP, SQLMap, and Burp Suite for performance testing, uncovering weaknesses, and guarding against cyber threats.

Our Mastery of Testing Tools and Technologies

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