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Reliable Performance Testing For Mission-critical Applications

When it comes to digital applications, failing to meet user performance expectations can have a quick and significant negative impact on a business. That's why we offer specialized performance testing services that cover the entire cycle of mission-critical applications and are designed to manage and mitigate performance risks.

Why Test With Testrig

Maximizing Your ROI With a Fault-proof Performance

Your enterprise’s success relies heavily on the dependable and uniform performance of your business-critical applications. Testrig predicts app behavior in real-life simulations, avoiding unpleasant events that impact profitability and customer satisfaction.

Achieve satisfactory turnaround times. We assure system stability and functionality under normal, constant, and stressful conditions.
Obtain Optimal System Efficiency. Our scalable and automated framework enables us to provide intelligent monitoring and comprehensive reporting of performance test results.
Avoid system failures as we identify and address potential bottlenecks and stress points in a system before they can cause the system to fail.
Create an exceptional user experience. We’ll run page speed tests to optimize your load time to under a few seconds.

Solutions We Offer

Our Testing Services – Raising The Bar On Performance

Load Testing

Detect the bottlenecks and performance-related issues before production which also helps in reducing cost failures and minimizing the system interruption risks.

Volume Testing

Ensure optimal system functionality and avoid operational delays caused by larger volume database sizes.

Endurance Testing

Optimize your application’s performance and stability under extended periods of usage with endurance testing – ensure seamless functionality even after hours of sustained activity.

Stress Testing

Validate the accessibility and robustness of the software beyond the usual functional boundaries, ensuring that it operates efficiently under the most extreme conditions.

Spike Testing

Strengthen your application’s resilience as we uncover vulnerabilities and ensure it can handle sudden surges in traffic, all with sudden changes in load.

Scalability Testing

Maximize your system’s performance and prepare for growth with our comprehensive scalability testing, covering hardware, software, and database levels to ensure your application can handle all levels of load.

Maximizing Your Application’s Potential With Rigorous Performance Testing

We Test the Performance of Your Application for the Following:

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