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Scale with Confidence: QA Solutions for Growing Startups

Whether you're a startup or aiming to expand, cement trust and enhance your brand reputation by making Quality Assurance (QA) a priority for success.

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Testing and Scaling

Testrig QA Support for Startups

At Testrig our mission revolves around elevating quality products, fostering innovation, and nurturing inclusive startup communities worldwide. We excel in facilitating connections between startups and leading QA experts, innovative technologies, and best-in-class QA methodologies, all geared towards driving your growth journey forward.

30% on QA Expenses

Save up to 30% on QA Expenses.

Exclusive Test Labs

Tap into Exclusive Test Labs and Expert Guidance.

Early Bug Detection

Early Bug Detection for Refined Products and Delighted Customers.

Capture Market Trends

Expedite Product Launches to Capture Market Trends.

QA Testing Across Platforms and Geographies

Comprehensive QA Testing Across Platforms and Geographies.

Continuous QA Support

Continuous QA Support Ensuring Product Reliability.

Enhance User Interaction

Enhance User Interaction for Seamless Experiences.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Knowledge

Arm startups with Cutting-Edge Tools and Knowledge for Tech Growth.

How We Facilitate Startup Growth?


Comprehensive Web and Mobile App Testing

Proficiency in conducting thorough testing for both web and mobile applications, utilizing development and testing tools such as Xcode/XCTest for iOS, Android Studio/Espresso for Android platforms. Additionally, employing testing advanced testing tools and frameworks for automated testing and debugging. Committed to ensuring exceptional user experiences across all platforms.

Strategic Automation

Mastery of industry-standard frameworks such as Selenium, Cypress, Appium, and Playwright etc. This proficiency enables the efficient streamlining of testing processes, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Forward-Looking Testing Strategies

Extensive experience in validating emerging technologies like smart contracts, machine learning models, and big data pipelines. This expertise ensures the integrity of data within extensive datasets, establishing resilient, future-proofed testing methodologies.


Experience a Risk-Free QA Trial

Explore our QA services with a trial period devoid of any risks.

Complimentary QA Manager Placement

Benefit from a free placement of a skilled QA manager to oversee your project.

Foster Total Team Autonomy for Improved Productivity

Empower your team with complete autonomy to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Customized QA Procedures to Suit Your Needs

Tailor-made QA procedures designed to meet your specific requirements and objectives.

Seamless Team Scaling for Flexible Project Management

Effortlessly scale your team up or down as needed for a smooth project ramp-up and ramp-down process.


Streamlined Collaboration: Effortlessly

Optimize teamwork across time zones for seamless project workflows.

Tailored Support System: Leverage

Our comprehensive Tech & HR ecosystem, designed to address your specific needs.

Free Cloud-Based Device Testing

Access and test your app on a variety of real devices through our free cloud platform.

End-to-End QA Process Setup

Our experienced team provides ongoing support to define and implement a comprehensive QA process.

Advanced Automation Expertise

Benefit from our guidance in selecting the most suitable advanced test automation tools for your project.

Best Practices

Agile & DevOps Expertise

We leverage Agile/DevOps methodologies for expedited development cycles, incorporating automated units and integration testing within efficient CI/CD pipelines.

Collaborative BDD Approach

We utilize Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) practices to ensure transparent and collaborative test case creation, fostering improved communication and alignment between stakeholders.

Strategic Test Data Management

Our team implements robust strategies for effective test data creation and management, guaranteeing thorough testing with accurate results.

Actionable Test Reporting

We generate comprehensive test reports with clear traceability, defect tracking, and data visualization tools, enabling insightful analysis and informed decision-making.

Unparalleled Security & IP Protection

We provide a best-in-class infrastructure and unwavering commitment to protecting your intellectual property, ensuring a secure and trusted development environment.

How Startups Maintain Progress at Every Stage

Startups, the driving force behind innovation, are perpetually challenging norms and reshaping industries. However, maintaining rapid progress while ensuring quality presents its own set of hurdles.

By embracing agile methodologies, startups can swiftly adapt to market dynamics, iterate on products, and effectively address customer feedback. Leveraging scalable technologies and cloud infrastructure empowers startups to expand rapidly without infrastructure constraints.

Collaborating with QA experts and implementing tailored best practices accelerates progress. A steadfast commitment to quality assurance throughout the startup journey fosters quick advancement, fosters customer confidence, and sustains long-term growth.

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Your Needs, Our Priority

Testrig QA Team for Startups

For startups, Team Testrig presents an array of specialized QA-focused programs meticulously designed to cultivate growth and scalability. Our seasoned experts offer tailored QA support and guidance, strategically assisting startups in achieving their precise quality assurance objectives with proficiency and precision.

 Real-time Collaboration

Streamlined collaboration for immediate results.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Cost-effective options tailored to your budget.

Tailored Pricing

Flexible pricing to meet your needs.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Continuous support for uninterrupted operations.

Transparent Communication

Clear and consistent communication.

Proactive Monitoring

Predictive maintenance for optimal performance.

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