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Case Study

Empowering Agile Delivery through Comprehensive Testing Services

By June 16, 2023July 20th, 2023No Comments2 min read

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    Industry: Construction
    Location: England

    Client Overview:

    Our client is a leading construction company focused on delivering web-based applications that provide simple and affordable services to enable quality Building Information Modeling (BIM).


    The client was seeking an Independent Software Testing Company who could understand their industry and business rationale aimed to create a testing solution that would optimize costs while maximizing test coverage using the best tools and resources available.

    Testing Requirements:

    The client required outsourced testing services encompassing Functional testing for Web, Mobile and API testing.

    Tools Used:

    • JIRA
    • X-RAY
    • Postman

    Proposed Solutions:

    Our Software Testing company offered a comprehensive Test Managed solution to address the client’s needs:

    1. Agile Delivery Process Review: We conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s applications and agile delivery process, providing a high-level testing review. This helped identify gaps and areas of improvement, ensuring a more efficient and effective development cycle.
    2. Consistent and Measurable Regression Testing: Our team developed scripts and scenarios to create consistent, measurable, and repeatable regression tests. This allowed for thorough validation of the client’s applications, reducing the occurrence of bugs and ensuring high-quality deliverables.
    3. Test Suite Creation: Leveraging the power of Postman, we developed a comprehensive test suite covering all relevant API endpoints and functionalities. This involved designing test cases to validate input/output parameters, error handling, authentication, and data integrity.

    Key Benefits:

    By implementing our testing solutions, the client experienced the following benefits:

    1. Early Identification of Gaps and Risks: Our comprehensive testing approach identified gaps and risks early in the development process, minimizing the occurrence of bugs in later stages and preventing project delays.
    2. Enhanced Testing Quality within Agile Development: We elevated the overall quality of testing performed within the agile development approach without disrupting the existing workflow.
    3. Increased Testing Efficiency: Our optimized testing methodologies and automation framework improved testing efficiency by 50%.
    4. Testing Governance and Auditability: Our robust testing framework ensured an increased level of testing governance and auditability.

    By leveraging our testing company’s expertise and tailored solutions, the client achieved significant improvements in their testing capabilities, ensuring the successful delivery of their web-based application for quality BIM services in the construction industry.

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