Top 10 Effective iOS App Testing Practices in 2022

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Top 10 Effective iOS App Testing Practices in 2022

iPhone is a mobile that runs on the iOS mobile operating system and was designed by Apple Inc. Studies had shown that iOS is the second most widely used OS in the world with a market share of 13.8% as of 2016. Unlike Android, iOS apps are built to function on only devices manufactured by Apple Inc. such as the iPhone, IPad, iPod, etc.  Presently, there are over 2.2 million apps on the iOS App Store, with an additional 1000 apps submissions daily. Given the plethora of mobile apps on the Apple store, with about one-third free to download, the App Store now has strict regulations of accepting only outstanding apps free from bugs or defects. Before start with iOS App Testing Practices let’s check out the list of top iOS app testing tools that are suitable for iOs testing…

What are the Most Recommend iOS Application Testing Tools?

  • TestComplete
  • Calabash
  • WebLOAD
  • Testdroid
  • Kobiton
  • Appium Studio

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iOS App Testing Practices : How to Test iOS Application?

Hence, as a developer or tester, it is important to subject iOS apps to the following best practices for iOS mobile App Testing in order to meet the strict standard set by the iOS App Store.

Testrig Technologies is the leading Mobile App Testing Company, Through large years of experience in offering iOS app testing services, our testing experts put together some best practices for iPhone mobile App testing.

1.Test for launch

During iOS real device testing, iPhone app testers should simulate the app on any cloud tool to ensure the app will work across a large number of the device that runs on the iOS operating system.

2.Test for Bugs or Glitches

App tester should subject the iOS apps to a number of manual and automation app testing. However, it is important to run the test on automation mode, as it allows developers and testers to quickly identify bugs and defects.

3.Test for Compatibility

There is a need to test the app on different versions of iOS most especially on the most recent iOS versions to know how it performs or functions.

4.Security Vulnerabilities

security vulnerabilities put the device at risk of been hacked by hackers, who can also steal private and.confidential information. There is a need by app developers or testers to check if the app is fully protected against vulnerability before it is released into the market.

5. Memory Leak

The app should be tested for memory leak, as memory leak leads to cratch of the app because it is an allocated memory that is not needed by the device again and its continuous existence on the devices will result in app glitches.

6. Loading Time

The tester needs to check the time taken by the app to load, the app most loads within a reasonable time lest users may quickly lose interest in the app. There is also a need to check how the app is loaded on the home screen and how the app splash screen display.

7. Check for Orientation Support

There is a need to check if the app supports both portrait and landscape orientation, and also how the user interface is arranged and display on both orientations.

8. Launch App without Internet Connection

During iOS manual testing, developer or tester need to run the app without an internet connection to see if the app still run as intended.

9. Check for Interruption

Test the app if the app still functions as intended after an interruption such as an incoming call or pop-in message from other apps on the device.

10. Quit App and Relaunch

The tester should quit the app and relaunch the app to see if the app still functions as a design.


If your mobile app takes too much time to open then this is the very worse thing for your business, Sometimes you lose your 50% potential customers. But if you select perfect application testing partners your app will never fail in the appropriate market.

Testrig Technologies brings you a couple of advantages with iOS application testing services such as co-located testing team, Quality testing approach, app testing with mobile different devices and operating systems.

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