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Travel Application Testing

The travel industry is constantly growing due to technological advancements. As a result, a travel booking portal has numerous functions such as booking, in-depth search for places, payment gateway, timing, seat availability, rating & reviews, and so on. Today, the expectations of customers are high. Clients require their travel booking system to be smooth, secured,

SaaS Application QA Testing

SaaS testing can be defined as the processes and methodology involved in the building of applications while making sure that its software is used as a service model of development. SaaS Application QA Testing Services has to do with examining the integrity of an application and it is different from that of an on-premise application.

Retail Software Testing

The new method (which includes friendly user experience and speed) adopted in technology and operations has led to the successful transformation of retail applications. The success has been backed by evolving user’s behavior thereby making it a must for retailers to use the new approach. This has led to the modification of the way applications

BFSI Application Testing

The abundance of the banking domain cannot be denied, coupled with the ever-changing and highly advanced technology which has a very detailed functionality enmeshed into applications. Performances, business continuity, and service delivery are vital aspects that must be kept in mind for enhancing and improving ROI. Comprehensive BFSI Applications Testing Services BFSI is very well

ERP Testing Services

When we think about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, what should come to mind is a large number of stakeholders (including management, stakeholders, ERP QA, and development end-users) managing multiple locations and integrating with legacy systems, feeder systems as well as third party gateways. Testing such a complicated application with respect to performance issues, product upgrades,

Payment App Testing Company

To make buying and selling of good and service possible right from the comfort of one’s home, the payment gateway for online transactions needs to be securely tested. Anytime consumers make use of their cards offline, the Point of Sale (POS) device is the medium used for payment. But for an online business to become successful,

E-Learning Application Testing

When it comes to E-learning, the most vital element to consider is making top-quality content. Hence, E-learning software testing is a unique process that requires not only careful planning but also an increased subjective approach. At Testrig Technologies, we have over XX years of experience in providing E-learning Application Testing Services, and during this time

Real Estate Software Testing Company

Unlike the opinion of many individuals, the real estate business is not limited to buying, selling, and renting properties. It also includes the communication and interactions that exist between realtors, property owners, and customers. But one major challenge real estate agencies face delivering high-end services, especially when they handle a tremendous amount of data. As a

e-Commerce Application Testing

In the last decade, the internet brought phenomenal changes into our lives – who would think we would one day be able to do business with our smartphones. This significant transformation paved the way for the e-Commerce industry, and now consumers are moving towards the new trend. This is the big reason,e-Commerce Application Testing is

Healthcare Domain Testing

The advent of technology has provided numerous benefits to mankind, and the Healthcare sector is not missing.  Its advancements have improved communication between doctors and patients and also provided helpful information such as glucose reading for primary care physicians. Hence, the role of Healthcare Domain Testing Company in the Healthcare domain cannot be overemphasized.


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