Testing Services: Why Startup Should Never Avoid Testing for Their Product

Why Startup should never avoid Testing for their product,Software Testing Companies

Testing Services: Why Startup Should Never Avoid Testing for Their Product

The new startups appear almost every day. Many of them just concentrate on the development process and avoid testing phase. By the way, why do you need a software testing Services? Is not it easier to create software without errors and defects from the very beginning?

Anyone, even the most experienced and highly paid programmer will answer this question negatively. And without hesitation. And there are absolutely objective reasons for that.

Reasons: Why Testing Services Should never avoid by the startup’s

  • Errors and defects is a natural part of the development process. By adding new functionality, the programmer cannot always foresee how it will affect the behavior of existing tools.
  • Some people support the idea that everyone should check their own work. That is, if the developer has created a new functionality, he should check whether it meets the user’s expectations. But there is one nuance. The developer has the task to find an opportunity to fix something. In his turn, the tester has to break something. The developer knows how the code works and tests its features accordingly. He cannot criticize his own product, just as an artist cannot criticize his painting or sculpture. The tester also purposefully searches for bugs and possible problems in the system, so that they cannot be found by a potential customer or, say, an ill-wisher.
  • Expensive and long. The wise manager is well aware that performing a large number of tasks in a short time requires a separation of functions. And this means that as long as the tester provides comprehensive software testing, the developer can spend his precious time creating new functionality.

To be fair, we note that there are various methods for testing software the developer directly participates in. A small example. One of the specific ways of creating applications on Ruby on Rails is development through testing.

This approach is fundamentally different from traditional programming methods when the testing follows code writing. In this case, the initial stage of product development includes so-called test cases. And only then the programmer’s ideas are implemented.

The developer’s goal is to write the code to pass the test case. This approach allows concentrating on solving the tasks and provides a minimal amount of code. As a result, the developers’ time and the customers’ money of our being saved.

However, the final step of the development cycle is still automatic or manual testing. As you can see, you cannot get rid of it.


The testing process and quality assurance (QA) often make clients associate with additional costs. In fact, testing security and performance is a factor to fix all the possible problems in time. Fixing the product’s issues at the initial stage of design or development is significantly different from solving urgent problems when the product was released.

Moreover, there are errors that cannot be fixed at all. One of them is the loss of customer confidence. And, as a consequence, the risk to lose the company’s reputation. Of course, when it comes to creating a serious software product, pay close attention to all the details. Otherwise, the future client will face the problem, which will undoubtedly spoil his impressions of cooperation.

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