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Our QA and Software Testing Services to Enhance your Business Performance

Web Application Testing

Web App Testing

Enhance the status quo of your web application using our efficient and affordable website testing services which catch system bottlenecks in one go.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile App Testing

Get relieved from the mobile app bugs which are a menace since the onslaught of technology. Switch to our intelligent Mobile app testing services performed by our global range of skilled QA testers whose bug prediction can never be off the charts.

Security Testing

Security Testing

We perform quality Security testing services that make sure that your application is secured of any form of data theft and compliance breakage. We follow the optimum security standards and metrics to enhance our procedural protocol.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing

For QA automation testing services We opt for a holistic test automation procedure other than predefined and standard perceptions. We ensure high ROI along with optimum congruence with all the platforms that you might be seeking for your business.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Our Usability Testing services, make sure a web application is user-friendly, with simple, intuitive navigation. Our proficient testing systems and skilled QA testers ensure just the same.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

We offer a complete solution of Performance testing services, covering detection with analysis through to the corrective measures. Our knowledge base and infrastructure helps you cut your development efforts by half.

Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing

Enhance your stability and flexibility with our competitively priced iOS and android cloud testing services. Our cloud test engineers ensure maximum coverage along with a reduced time to market with assured new quality standards of the end product.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

For Compatibility Testing Services, we have extensive lab ranging from the latest OS, peripherals, and hardware to ensure that your product is tested over a wide range of specifications. This helps you to plan your project time and budget way ahead.

Our Company

Are you on the lookout for an exceptional and cost-effective QA Company in Texas with a unique testing approach?

Worry not, we at Testrig-QA Company in Texas, combine the goodness of quality and affordability in our blend of Quality assurance(QA) and software testing . We specialize in providing cost-effective custom-tailored quality solutions that are in retrospect with your business environment.

As a top QA Company in Texas, Testrig technologies offers all offshore software testing solution to all over the world with the deep expertise in Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing and Automation testing. Testrig Technologies prides itself on delivering high quality products.

Testrig Technologies listed in the group of Top software testing companies who provides software QA consulting all over the globe for all types of businesses. Whether you’re a recently established small start-up or a large organization, we help you deliver your vision to your customers. You benefit from our extensive QA experience in providing custom solutions and get quality products that are cost-effective and aligned to your business environment!

Our Company
Why Us
Why Choose Testrig Technologies for your Software testing Needs?

Are you wondering why to choose Testrig above all other software testing service providers?

Testrig, as a Software Testing Consulting Company believes in adapting high-standard business solutions to meet the extensive needs and requirements of the clients. Our software QA engineer gives utmost importance to every project to help implement quality software QA testing solutions. Moreover, we also take concern for knowing about the business plans of clients to execute QA testing services accordingly. We offer both manual software testing as well as software automation testing to help ensure operational productivity.

  • We offer trial services for our clients to help them gain trust in our services
  • We have a dynamic team of experts
  • Affordable pricing
  • Constant updates
  • Lab testing
  • Better Communication

Every software QA tester working with us follows all service ethics to impose honesty and reliability for our clients. So, if you are looking for quality QA and software testing solutions, reach out to us today to get your application ready to go live for production

Our Client Testimonials About Our Software Testing Services
Ganart Technologies Inc
We selected Testrig as our QA partner over 16 months ago and they have been a key addition to our product team. Parimal and his team members have consistently provided the level of service and interaction what we have been searching for. They have worked seamlessly with both our development group and with product management. They are a valued addition and I would definitely recommend Testrig to any company looking for highly reliable and professi...
Wayne McHugh(COO) Ganart Technologies Inc
Boarding School Review
I've been working with Testrig for the past three years to help our programmers speed up and improve our development process. Testrig has been consistently thorough and professional in their work, and has helped us find innumerable and important bugs. They have also been very helpful in taking a broader understanding of our business and offering helpful usability suggestions to improve our sites. Their great work has enabled our developers to foc...
Javier Colayco(Founder) Boarding School Review
Parimal and his team have been instrumental in helping us test and build the beta version and early release of Avorra.  A concern and problem we've experienced in the past with offshore contractors is lack of communication and professionalism - it starts out well and dwindles over time. Parimal is extremely professional, is excellent at communicating regularly and goes way above and beyond for us...and we're certainly not his biggest client. Stu...
Cameron Clancy(CEO) Avorra
TESTRIG is doing an amazing job for over a year now in handling our Quality Assurance needs. They have worked closely with our development team and consistently tested our product by providing both Manual and Automation Testing with Selenium. I would definitely recommend TESTRIG to anyone in need of QA services....
Gabriel Fenton(CEO) Upstock
We have partnered with Testrig Technologies for Cloud testing and appreciate the work done by the team. They helped us in setting up complete QA process and delivered quality work....
Shashikant Mundlik(Co-founder) Cloudaeon




All you need to know About the Secrets that makes us the Leading Software Testing Company
Testrig Technologies is a globally recognize Top software testing and QA company which boasts of timely and high-quality delivery. We provided top-notched QA Outsourcing testing services to varieties of clients from various industry. From Fortune 500 companies to small technology start-ups, more than 100 satisfied clients across various industries have used our QA services.
Our Independent QA software Testing services are available to clients all across the globally. We offer quality Testing services to all our varied clients irrespective of their budget to improve and eliminate the challenges of Quality and deliver a Quality product to their users.
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