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Compatibility Testing in Software Testing Learn Everything at One Place

By August 8, 2018October 10th, 2023No Comments4 min read
Compatibility Testing in Software Testing Learn Everything at One Place

Compatibility testing in software testing include the main important things and that is  browser testing, Device testing and Platform testing also let’s read the brief about it

Every day, a number of Mobile users are using their phones for more than just texting or making phone calls; the internet has revolutionised everything about the way people live today.

People are using the internet to visit websites or apps for shopping, to get a diagnosis for whatever symptoms they have or their loved ones are facing, advice, to job search, and just plain entertainment or finding more information about God. There is nothing that isn’t there on the internet. So if users don’t like the way your application works, they move on quickly.

What is Application Compatibility Testing?

Application/Software compatibility testing is the type of Non-functional testing in which software testers check whether the application is compatible with running all the types of devices, browsers, operating systems, network environments.

Now let’s see what are the tools of compatibility testing.

What are the Tools used for Compatibility Testing? 

In this virtual world,  Quality of the application has become the essential thing for every business. Good development process need a support of QA Testing. While working on compatibility testing it looks challenging but there are few tools in the market which makes it easier.

1. BrowserStack

2. Browsershots

3. Browserling

4. Litmus

5. IE NetRenderer

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Why is Application Compatibility Testing Important?

When there are just so many users doing so many activities in multiple devices, whether they are over the internet at home, at the office or in the palm of their hands; then next to building and maintaining products/services, importance of software compatibility becomes just as crucial.

To take advantage of this surge of human traffic, giving them a good user-experience and ultimately to be able to get the maximum visitors converting into a customer, application compatibility testing plays a very big role. It keeps your product at a competitive level and gives users a bang for their buck.

What are these bugs?

Typically the developers and in-house testers test apps on just one platform. However, when the app is released and if there is a problem or a glitch with any aspect of that app, that means there is a bug. For users, bugs are just as irritating in the virtual world as they can be in the real world.

The bugs most commonly found while running a compatibility test would be, say, the UI –how it looks, font, alignment problems, CSS style, issues with scroll bars, tables or frames or overlap of content. 

To overcome the application bugs there are a lot of different compatibility testing tools. below are listed some of these most common ones;

What do  Software Testers do?

Your website or application should be compatible with PC and mobile; Testing specialist’s help you find those bugs before your customers do. Let’s look at each of them in brief:

  • Testing on PC, on different browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE.
  • Testing on different mobile devices that have different platforms like iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Testing on networks like 4G, 3G or wifi.
  • Testing on multiple operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Linux.

The testing doesn’t stop there. Testing continues to check the performance of your product on old versions of the platforms (backward compatibility testing) and even getting your product ready for newer versions (forward compatibility testing).

Where to Start Testing From?

Firstly, if there is anything that feels out-of-place or is weird, it needs to be tested. Make a plan with the client and confirm which browsers, their versions, operating systems, and devices need to be tested. Record the data of how the application tends to operate, and where.

There is a lot that goes on into compatibility testing.

This is exactly where credible testing teams that come in to help you identify and eliminate as many bugs in the early production life cycle and even after release so that the customer and your business is not affected as much.\

As a Top QA Testing Company, Testrig Technologies, provides one of the best and highest quality compatibility testing solution. Connect today and learn to learn more about how can we help you to make your application user-friendly with unique compatibility testing test cases and checklist.

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