Browser Testing: Top 10 Mozilla and Chrome Add Ons for Software Testing

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Browser Testing: Top 10 Mozilla and Chrome Add Ons for Software Testing

In-Browser Compatibility Testing modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox tend to make the life of the software testers super easy. Both Mozilla and Chrome offer a huge number of extensions for Software Testing.

The extensions bring in increased functionality to the browsers to help the testers do more work in less time. Most of the testers simply love Mozilla and Chrome as the extensions provide the browsers a brilliant ability for making the job of the testers easier and simpler.

Software Testing Using Browser Add-Ons

As a tester, it is essential for you to know the Chrome and Mozilla add-ons that can provide you an ease in testing. So, read on this article to find out the top add ons for these two browsers that can make your testing job much more efficient and effective.

Top Mozilla Add Ons


Firebug is a widely used Firefox add on for QA. It adds several website development tools to your browser that can be used for editing the HTML, CSS elements and JavaScript live on webpages to notice the effects of the modifications in real-time.


Using Firesizer, you can check how your website app would appear in various screen resolutions.


MeasureIt helps in testing the width and height of various web elements of a web page.

4.Web Developer Toolbar

The Web Developer add-on can get you a huge number of website developer options to your browser that can provide you a lot of flexibility when testing the website applications.

5.Fox Splitter &Tile Tabs

Fox Splitter and Tile Tabs split your Firefox window into several windows. These windows/tiles can be arranged vertically, horizontally, or grid-wise.

Top Google Chrome Add Ons


Testers require verifying cosmetic problems such as which font size and font family is utilized for a specific part on a web page. WhatFont helps in this aspect.

2.Bug Magnet

Bug Magnet is one of the most popular Chrome extensions for Software Testing. It helps save a lot of time when conducting exploratory testing.  

3.Clear Cache

Clear Cache helps in clearing browser cache right from the toolbar, thereby eliminating the need to use the longer path.

4.Web Developer

This add-on provides multiple website developer tools as a toolbar.

5.Awesome Screenshot

It is one of the widely used screen capturing tools. You can capture the entire screen, a particular area, or the visible content piece on a webpage.

The Final Words

A plethora of Mozilla and Google extensions for testers are available today. As an informed tester, it is your responsibility to check and use the ones that suit your specific needs and goals. All the extensions aim at making the testing of Mozilla and Chrome apps easier for you so that you get the maximum flexibility. The above-discussed extensions are some of the best Mozilla and Chrome plugins for testing that can be used by the testers as the most effective and time-efficient Software testing tools.

We hope the above list of extensions for software testing will be beneficial and time-saving for every software tester, But In case, if you need any suggestion please don’t forget to Contact Testrig Team.

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