Web Application Testing Using JMeter


Web Application Testing Using JMeter

In the competitive software market of today, it is imperative to deliver high-quality applications. When it comes to quality, performance testing is the first thing that most organizations consider. While there are different types of performance tests, load testing is important among all. It ensures that an application performs optimally in normal, as well as the high load conditions. It also determines the optimum operating capacity and sustainability of the applications. While there are various tools, Web Application Testing Using JMeter is becoming more popular in recent times. Apart from the JMeter, there are various tools used for performance testing.

What Are The Best Load Testing Tools?

  • Apache JMeter
  • LoadView
  • LoadRunner
  • WebLOAD
  • LoadNinja

According to the choice of top Software Testing Consulting Companies in New Jersey , Apache Jmeter is one of the best tool for load testing. Let’s Come to the point In this article, we will explore the load testing with JMeter.

What is JMeter?

If you are wondering what is JMeter and how it works, here is the answer. Apache JMeter is becoming the most preferred for carrying out the performance testing of an application. It helps in analyzing as well as measuring the performance of a software application. Being Java open-source software, it can be easily used for testing the FTP or web applications. Starting from load testing to functional and performance testing, JMeter can successfully conduct all the tests.

Official Website: JMeter Download

What Are The Benefits That JMeter Offers for Web Application Testing?

The numerous benefits that the tool brings are the core reason behind the growing popularity of JMeter load testing. Some of the prominent benefits of performance testing using JMeter include:

  • User-friendly

With a comprehensive GUI, JMeter makes it easier to create the test plans as well as configure the different elements. Simply, by clicking on the tree scenario, you can conveniently add the elements you require for the test.

  • Open Source

One of the main reasons for the increase in the popularity of JMeter API testing is that it is open-source software. JMeter can be easily downloaded without any cost. Moreover, being a completely pure Java application it allows the developers to customize and modify the code as per their requirement.

  • Comprehensive Documentation

Another beneficial feature of JMeter is that it enables robust documentation. With comprehensive documentation, it becomes easy for users to understand each step and generate reports conveniently.

  • Recording and Reporting

While browsing the web application, JMeter can record all your actions. Moreover, JMeter also enables the generation of a number of reports that helps in understanding the outcomes of the performance testing better.

  • Extensive Support

Though performance or load testing with JMeter is the core aim of the tool, it also offers extensive support for the non-functional tests. Through the creation of test plans, you can easily execute distributed testing, stress testing, and more with the help of JMeter.

How to Use JMeter to Test Web Application?

Wondering how to use JMeter to test web applications? Here is the process. In order to begin the testing of the application, you need to start JMeter, select the test plan on the tree, and add the thread group. The next step in the process is to add the JMeter elements. Then add the graph result. And, finally, you can now run the tests and avail the results of the test. Analyzing the results can provide you with insights about the performance of the web application.

The top performance testing company in USA that offers performance testing services is making use of JMeter for load testing. API performance testing using JMeter not only makes the good process but simple but also helps in availing enhance outcomes and, ultimately, high-quality applications.

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