Manual Testing Company:Why Manual Testing is Still Important

Manual Testing ,Manual Testing company why Manual Testing importnat

Manual Testing Company:Why Manual Testing is Still Important

Software testing is an essential and fundamental part of any system since it guarantees to add a certain degree of quality to the system before being released for end users.

The type of test that needs to be carried out will depend on several factors, starting with the initial and essential requirements of the project, the budget, delivery times and the level of experience that is available. For accurate visual feedback, Manual Software testing is more reliable and hiring the best manual testing company for your application is the best decision for you.

In manual testing company, Manual tests cases are executed directly by one or more software testers, simulating the actions of the end-user, using the necessary tools.

In this Digital world, Manual testing services can be time-consuming, but in the short term will save you several times more money. Its cost depends only on the software tester, not the automation tools. Manual testing can be seen as the interaction of a professional tester and software to find bugs.

One of the main objectives of the manual test, in addition to guaranteeing the quality of the system, is to reduce costs, time and effort that each test takes, but one of the biggest challenges is when testing is required when the system is already in operation. 

Manual Testing is more suitable for:

  •  Exploratory tests
  • Usability testing
  • Ad-hoc tests

Thus, during manual testing, you can get feedback, which is not possible with automated verification. In other words, by interacting with the application directly, the tester can compare the expected result with the real one and leave recommendations. If you have a QA team, manual testing will not be a problem.

Top Reasons: Why Manual Testing is Still Important

Manual testing company allocate the time and efforts to ensure that your software is bugs free so it is very important to know why manual testing still important

1.Custom Feedback- The whole software tester report can be seen as feedback from a potential user.

2. UI Feedback- Nowadays, the user interface plays a huge role, so you can only fully test it manually.

3.Cheap- In the short term, manual testing is cheaper than automated testing tools.

4.Real-time testing- Minor changes can be investigated immediately without writing the code and executing it.

5.The possibility of research testing- Its purpose is to test the various capabilities of the application. It is important that you do not use pre-built test cases, but come up with on-the-fly scenarios.

It brings the vision of real users, which is very different from the vision of an automation machine! But it is good to remember that its execution is slow and needs an exponential effort to cover multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Manual Testing Myths:

  • The repetition of manual tests could lead to defects since a repetitive action for a person is tired and tedious.
  • Manual regression tests can be more time consuming than automated ones. It is necessary to include regression tests when an update or extension of the system functionality is being done.
  • Manual tests are indispensable for each project, since through them most of the defects are detected, and in this way, it is possible to stabilize the system being tested.
  •  Manual tests allow a deep analysis by a human, which is a greater benefit when you want to improve the user experience.

This is important because the above and many other factors increase the lifecycle of your product.


As Automation testing grows, it is the situation to forget about the manual testing but it is still important to run the effective development process. Try with Testrig Technologies, leading manual testing company and try to never skip manual testing again!


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