iOS and Android App Testing: Top 10 Mobile Application Testing Tools

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iOS and Android App Testing: Top 10 Mobile Application Testing Tools

Mobile app testing is very important before making it available across the app stores. A well tested mobile app performs much more than a non-tested or weakly test a mobile app. Also, it generates much more revenue for the developers as it has higher user retention and engagement. So, In this article, we will have a look into 10 best mobile app testing tools for iOS and android app testing which is used by the Top mobile application testing companies that can help you produce the best version of your app.

Mobile Application Testing Tools

iOS and Android Mobile app testing services run across the  various devices, platforms, browsers, Operating systems which are done with the various tools also so Our mobile application testers listed here top mobile application testing tools


Robotium is an open-source android test automation framework that has full support for native and hybrid applications. This software makes it easy to write powerful and robust automatic black-box testing. Moreover, it is an open-source tool to test android apps of all versions and sub-versions. Also, all its tests are written in Java. It creates solid test cases in minimum time and automates multiple android activities.


It is an amazing testing tool that gives users full control to realtime mobile devices during manual testing with support for multi-touch gestures. It also supports different orientations, GPS simulations, camera, and speaker control and device connection management. It has a trial as well as a paid version. You can buy prepaid testing minutes that never expire for just $10.


Appium is an open-source mobile test automation tool used for iOS and android app testing. Developers can test native apps, mobile web apps and Hybrid mobile apps on this software. To run the tests on it, Appium uses WebDriver interface. It supports Java, C#, Ruby, and many other programming languages that belong to the WebDriver library. Testers can test native apps that are written in iOS and Android SDKs, mobile web apps that can be accessed through mobile web browsers, and hybrid apps that contain a simple web view. Being a cross-platform, it allows programmers to reuse the source code amongst iOS and Android.

4.Monkey Runner

Monkey Runner is one of the most popular app testing tools for android. Also, this tool is listed in the official Android developer website. The tool also contains some amazing features such as multiple device control, regression testing, extensible automation, and functional testing to test Android apps and hardware. The tests of MonkeyRunner are written in Python. Developers do not have to make changes in source code to automate the testing. This is why it is one of the easiest testing tools available.


A HeadSpin is a testing tool that provides real-world, actionable user experience insights for businesses to improve mobile performance. It prepares you for the increasing challenges in dealing with customer experiences across the complex mobile ecosystem. Headspin simulates this by providing detailed visibility into performance and user experience issues across every layer of the mobile stack – from server to client.


It automates the functional testing of iOS and Android apps. Any non-technical person can also run the testing on this platform. It doesn’t require deep knowledge of techie scripting and programming. The scripts of MonkeyTalk are very simple and understandable. Testers can also create HTML and XML reports using this tool. This is an awesome feature for organizational purposes. Additionally, it also takes screenshots when any failure happens. MonkeyTalk supports network devices, tethered devices, and emulators.


It is one of the leading mobile app testing platforms. It not only has a mobile app testing feature but also, has mobile test execution and analytics, mobile manual testing and debugging. Another important feature of Experitest is that it supports IDE plugins which makes the work easier for testers by allowing them to directly test the app from its source code. Moreover, it is recommended by major companies like SAMSUNG, AmericanExpress, CISCO, McAfee and more.


Frank is an iOS application testing tool. The tool’s framework combines JSON and Cucumber. Also, the tool contains an app inspector named “Symbiote” that enables developers to have detailed information about the running app.


TestingBot provides a unique feature. It has real mobile device testing in the cloud. With it, you can run automated and manual tests on physical iOS and Android devices in TestingBot’s device farm.


Selendroid is one of the leading test automation software. It tests the UI of Android-based hybrid and native apps and mobile web. Selendroid2 supports Client API testing too. Also, this tool supports the plugging of hardware devices. Furthermore, it holds exceptional capabilities to interact with multiple Android devices at a time. Splendid provides the best compatibility with the JSON wire protocol.


These were the best 10 mobile apps testing tools which is used for iOS and android app testing. Coming to the conclusion, there is no tool that is perfect in all situations. Different apps have different operating mechanisms and may require different testing tools. Thank You! Happy Testing!

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