Different Types of Regression Testing in 2021

Different Types of Regression Testing in 2021

Regression testing is basically a practice of software testing which makes sure that the functionality of the application remains intact even after a significant number of updates and improvements. Working on different types of regression testing is still an important part of software testing.

Today we will have a look What is regression testing and explain various types of regression testing in software testing

What is Regression Testing?

Regression testing makes sure of the overall functionality of that of the existing features of the application. Whenever a new change is added to the code, a regression test is done in order to make sure that the system still remains functional with a dynamic stream of improvements. Basically Regression testing verifies the new code should not be affected on the existing functionality of the application and make sure that new change and old functionality works accurately with together.

General changes in the code make certain changes like that of

  • Dependencies
  • System malfunctions
  • Arising defects

Regression testing is in place to manage and mitigate these risks in order to make sure that the new code is still operational even after making a plethora of changes.

Regression test is generally the final test that the application goes through amongst the myriad of tests that are conducted throughout the maintenance of the software development lifecycle.

Now that we have deciphered the importance of regression testing let us read about

The Importance: Why Regression Testing is Required?

Regression testing is the pendant for the piece that test automation is. Let us decode why is it so?

Regression testing makes sure that the product teams have received a much more informative regression testing process. It detects new bugs very early in the development cycle. At times even the littlest of the modifications can cause a major rift on the resultant application’s key functionality.

This is the reason that both the developers and the testers go out of their ways to hunt for any altercations without bothering about their

Tips: How To Do Regression Testing

1. By exploring different functionalities of application Design your regression Test scenarios or regression suite
2.Define your unique approach towords the regression testing
3.Figure out your Test Cases
4.Select your regression Testing tool
5.Try to run regression Testing with automation

Top Regression Testing Tools

To Automate Regression Testing process, There are various types of Regression Testing Tools used by Test Automation companies to perform Test Regression, let’s explore some of the top tools of Test Regression.

  • Selenium.
  • TestComplete
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • Testimony
  • Testsigma
  • Digivante

What are the Different Types of Regression Testing?

  • Unit regression testing

This is one of the most pivotal parts of unit testing. This is mostly focused on the coding unit and this test makes sure that all the resultant dependencies are blocked out during the test. This test specifically focuses on various factors such as recurring defects along with the criticality of certain features in consideration. The main aim of this test is to deliver a useful unit of code that enhances and adds value to the totality of the application.

  • Corrective Regression testing

This type of regression testing is in utilization when there are absolutely no pertaining changes introduced in the specification of the product. Moreover, there is no need to build any new test cases as the already existing test cases can be reused to test and ultimately derive at the desired result.

  • Selective regression testing

This regression test is used to analyze the impact that the newly added piece of code to the existing application software. This regression test makes sure to use a subset of the already existing test case. This further reduces the cost involved in retesting along with the efforts being saved for constructing a new test case from scratch.

  • Reset all test case

This is a rather tedious form of regression testing as there is a lot of time that gets wasted. This further involves testing all the existing aspects of any particular product along with reusing all the test cases even to the places or sections where there have been absolutely no test cases made. This type of test is totally not advisable when there is just a minor change that has been infused in the existing product.

  • Progressive regression testing

This regression test works wonders when there are minor changes that are done in the program specifications along with new test cases that are being designed.

Conducting this form of testing helps in making sure that no previous features have been compromised in the new version.

  • Complete Regression testing

This is the best regression testing to be used in case of major changes cropping up in your test code. This is specifically used when there is a major change in the root code of the software. This is helpful in combating unexpected issues and in the end test before handing off the application to the user.

  • Partial regression testing

As the name suggests partial regression testing is done as and when new codes are added to the already existing piece of code. The core idea behind this test is to ensure that the system is performing in the same way as it was earlier.

Wrapping up

Software regression testing is the core aspect to improve the ultimate quality of the application and making sure that the user experience is at its best. The right regression testing tools further add significant value in identifying the defects early on and making the pipeline fruitful. Therefore the more organized your regression test plan is the more structured are your expenses, error mitigation, and processing.

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