Top Software Cloud Testing Trends To Follow in 2021

Software Cloud Testing Trends

Top Software Cloud Testing Trends To Follow in 2021

Cloud application testing is one of the major software testing process to derive the potential of the application or software with higher potential. People from diverse industries now prefer to implement cloud testing aspects or Software Cloud Testing Trends to ensure that the software or application is rich with evolved technologies.

As time has evolved, cloud testing promotes performance engineering over-testing, which will look after the quality of configuration, convenience, customer value, and practicality of use. With this ideology in mind, cloud testing is going through several challenges and opportunities. According to Expert Report, Cloud Testing Market is expected to grow 13% by 2025.

But as the technology grew, the investment for moving the test to cloud platform became more cost-efficient as compared to other software testing measures. It is a new trend set that is being carried forward to 2021 with some new trends.

In this article, you will know about some of the cloud testing trends of the year 2021.

Software Cloud Testing Trends in 2021

Here are some of the latest trends that explain the future of cloud testing in 2021 and later in the future:

Location Independent Accessibility

As time has grown and the testing measures have evolved, the location independent accessibility attribute of the cloud testing aspects is quite feasible. The implementation of this trend set highlighted by the cloud testing services eradicates the need for heavy hardware and location barriers. It allows you to test the software or application anywhere and on any device.

The only thing that people need is the internet, and they can access their resources anytime without the barrier of time and location. The testers do not have to sit in an abided infrastructure for running the cloud testing process. They can do it from anywhere and can also access the test reports.

Newly Optimized Load & Performance Monitoring Tools

Under cloud testing, there are certain new cloud testing tools brought to the scene for deriving the optimal performance of the application or software. These tools are destined to accelerate the testing process to ensure that development and testing can run hand in hand.

Some of the these that are highly preferred tools for cloud testing in 2020 and will also be optimized and implemented in 2021 are cloud testing selenium, Cloudsleuth, CloudTools, GFI, Monitis, Keynote, CloudHarmony, and others. These tools are getting optimized to ensure that the performance and load testing of the applications can be done seamlessly without missing out on any loopholes.

Implementation of Green Infrastructure

As the use of hardware facilities is decreasing, the location dependence is also reduced. As a result, the carbon footprint is reduced from the IT infrastructures. Hence, cloud testing attributes are completely green. All the implementations made under the cloud testing process require less involvement of the IT infrastructure hardware. Therefore the cloud testing process is termed to be conducted as green infrastructure.

The companies will also save a lot of money because they can put down the idea of investing a heavy amount on buying hardware and software for testing the applications over the cloud platform. cloud testing strategy is way faster than other software testing measures. Therefore, it is going to be highly adapted in the year 2021.

Introduction of Serverless Technology

The idea of serverless technology implemented onto cloud computing was released back in 2019 and has picked up the pace in 2020. As 90% of the organizations have already implemented IaaS and PaaS, the serverless technology concept will pick up an even faster pace in the year 2021.

It has the attribute to make the testing process more dynamic and flexible. Serverless computing is expanding onto the cloud without the barrier of private or public environments. Some of the issues that can be addressed with the use of this trend are scaling, management, and provisioning. Moreover, it also facilitates the creation and execution of the applications for running within the cloud platforms.

As the testing needs in the year 2021 will become more agile, the cloud testing attributes will be more evolved to take up these challenges and execute the tests more quickly and efficiently for productive outcomes.

Latency Testing Trend

Cloud performance testing strategy has the attributes to conduct the latency test between the action implemented and recorded response. With the ideal implementation of strategies by the expert, this test can be conducted for almost all applications, but only after it is launched in the cloud.

Along with latency tests, many other such tests can be integrated under the cloud testing aspects such as GRC testing, performance testing, security testing, fail-over testing, stress testing, capacity testing and others.

The cloud testing team conducts the performance testing in every situation to find out how different combinations will impact on the application or software. Hence, all the testing solutions implemented with the cloud platform are flexible to ensure that the software is compatible with all devices. Cloud testing has picked up the pace in the current year but has a great future in the year 2021 amongst the top enterprises.

Better Security Acquisitions

Enterprises that are planning on integrating cloud testing aspects are willing to make sure that it has a lot of security tools to conduct the process. Therefore, security acquisitions are a quite necessary considerable factor for the cloud testing environment, which is evolving.

By the year 2021, the organic security development for the cloud testing aspects will be enhanced. As a result of which, you will eventually help yourself come up with some of the best applications to run over the cloud platform for conducting your business operations.


People from different parts of the world now believe the efficacy of Cloud testing and computing. As time is evolving, people are also evolving to save their overhead costs and investments upon testing. Therefore, as they can save some of their business capital by implementing these Software Cloud Testing Trends, they are readily accepting a good deal.

Moreover, cloud testing has explained its true potential in a very short time. As a result of which, the future of cloud testing is about to pick up pace in the year 2021. Make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity and adapt this technological makeover for your software testing needs.

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