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Test Automation with the Change of Machine Learning (ML)

By April 15, 2020July 3rd, 2024No Comments3 min read
Test Automation with the Change of Machine Learning (ML)

The implementation of machine learning in test automation helps in the formation of new test cases. It is done using the interactions by extracting the logs by the process of data-mining and the behavior of the testing application. The implementation of machine learning using test automation tools reduces the manual efforts or labor that was utilized for writing the test cases. With its implementation, there is a very little chance for the test cases to experience a malfunction in the machine learning automation testing framework. It will help the testing process go on without skipping any steps.

In this article, you will know about some of the essential things related to the implementation of codeless test automation using machine learning by any of the QA or Mobile app Automation Testing Company.

Learn How to Use Machine Learning in Testing Process

Before the commencement of any of the tests, the system learns the cases and about all its attributes, to begin with. The training part of the testing process consists of ads viewing to the users during which the logs are pulled and stored to create an age group and gender ratio who took a glance at the particular ads. The goal of this training test is to identify the type of users or people of a particular age group or gender who showed interest in what types of products over a website. The training data is kept for optimizing and determining the further test processes.

The demand for Machine learning in test automation and the information collected from the training practice, the test cases are written. The training practice is done at every fixed period to get recent and accurate data to run the tests for getting accurate results. With manual procedures, this process might require a lot of modifications to cope up with the changes in the website.

Most of the QA testing companies’ process of clustering is used for automating the logical grouping attribute of the documents. With the implementation of Machine learning, the grouping of the documents is done automatically and is also merged with the applications. For example, the license of a driver is combined or grouped with their other essential identification documents. The group that is liked and is selected can go-ahead for further testing or evaluation. After the document samples are feed onto the system, they identify the features of each of them automatically to create rules for each sample.

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Pros of using Machine Learning for Automation Testing 

  • It is easy to make simple rules and execute it, and the user does not have the right to encode it.
  • Tools are helpful to writing test cases using machine learning
  • All the adjustments essential can be easily handled by just including new document samples that consist of the ground-truth or accurate data.
  • Test case generation using machine learning can save lot’s of Labor efforts
  • There is no need to seek help from Subject Matter Experts or any technical staff for encoding the system.


These are a few of the important things to know about the ML based testing and efficacy of automation testing companies using machine learning for automation testing. It is one of the most prominent approaches of test automation techniques that give better options to the decision-makers to get better outcomes in automation testing.

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