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appium based automation testing
Selenium based automation testing
JMeter based automation testing
JIRA based automation testing
soapUI based automation testing
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cucumber based automation testing
Test Ng based automation testing
Sauce Labs based automation testing
Maven based automation testing
postman based automation testing
Browser Stack based automation testing

Automation Testing Company

Do you want to ensure that your new software version does not introduce bugs or break functionality? Then hire Automation Testing Company because Automation Testing Services can be a great way take care of your fuctionality! There are several other reasons as well for which Automation Testing can be quite beneficial. Have a look at some of these!

  • You can rule out human error through Automation Testing. Lengthy tests mean more complicates scenarios and competitive errors. But with automation testing, this won’t be the case.
  • You can opt for QA Automation that can help you to scrutinize and test your complex business logic.
  • You can opt for iOS Automation Testing and Mobile App Automation Testing that can help you to increased your app efficiency.Effective Mobile Automation Testing implement with the various tools and frameworks.
  • Automation testing are generally faster than the Manual testing and can run parallel with a bewildering range of platform, devices, browsers, and much more.
  • Overhead costs are minimal to a great extent, as automation testing is a cost-effective procedure.
  • You can opt for Automated Penetration Testing and Security testing that can help you with the security aspect of the application.
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Our Automation Testing Process

As the World’s Best Automation Testing Company, we know the value of effective automation testing. Our high experience and recommended team are amongst the top in Selenium Testing Services. With our company’s Automation Testing Services at Testrig Technologies, we assure you to obtain the following benefits and these are as follows:

Better Test coverage: Maximizing the Test Coverage is one of the key benefit of Test Automation. Lots of Test cases can be executed in very less amount of time without missing the execution of any important Scenarios or Cases which results into better Test coverage comparing to Manual Testing. For better test coverage it is necessary to maintain the balance between Manual testing and Automation testing

Reduced Cost: Initially cost can be more in streamlining all the automation process but it saves lots of cost and gives better ROI once
Automation script is built. Less Manual effort is required to execute large volume of Test script which saves lots of time and reduce the cost.

Improve product quality: One of the key benefit of Automation Testing is improved Product Quality by eliminating роѕѕіblе human mistakes because it doesn’t іgnоrе оr оvеrlооk the thіngѕ that a real person саn.Therefore, experts always recommend Automated Functional, Regression, Performance testing.

Shorter time to market: Automated Software Testing reduce lots of Test execution time and speeds up the Test Cycle for every release which helps companies to release the product in very less time without any delay.

High ROI – As we use all the comprehensive and extensive Automation Testing Tools that ensures the highest degree of success and optimum congruence for business implementation.

Automation Testing Process

Our Automation Testing Services

With the focus on Quality Assurance Automation and successful Test Automation plan we work on various automation testing services:

Selenium Automation Testing Services

Web Application Automation services

Appium Automation Testing Company

Mobile Application Automation services

JMeter Automation Testing

Performance Testing services

Why Us

Why Choose Us as Automation Testing Company

If you want to reap the benefits, then you can always leverage our Software Test Automation Services at Testrig Technologies. We are award-winning Automation Testing Company developed best automation testing strategies, practices, framework to test your application Here are some features that we possess. Go through them!

  • Innovative tactics and high-end tools
  • Comprehensive teamwork of highly-experienced testers
  • A wide range of skilled Automation QA experts
  • Fast testing and accurate results
  • 24/7 technical support
Our Clients Says ..

TESTRIG is doing an amazing job for over a year now in handling our Quality Assurance needs. They have worked closely with our development team and consistently tested our product by providing both Manual and Automation Testing with Selenium. I would definitely recommend TESTRIG to anyone in need of QA services.

— Gabriel Fenton (Upstock)

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