Latest Possible Top 25 Mobile Application Testing Scenarios for 2021

Test Scenarios for Mobile App Testing

Latest Possible Top 25 Mobile Application Testing Scenarios for 2021

The mobile technology industry is fast-paced and dynamic. Regularly, thousands of new mobile apps are continuously been released into the market. So this is the main reason the demand for mobile application testing services is increased. As a result, mobile apps developers are trying to stay afloat in the dynamic mobile technology environment by ensuring their apps are always integrated and adaptable to the ever-dynamic mobile landscape. The only means of ensuring this is to expose the app to full app testing to be assured of its functionality. The following are several test scenarios that mobile apps should subject to; before start with the actual point let’s have a look at what is test scenarios.

What is Test Scenarios in Software Testing?

In simple words, test scenarios define as a set of functionality of any application or website that can be tested either manually or with automation. The test scenarios is very helpful for the testing team, It helps to determine the positive and negative characteristics of the application or website. With the help of an effective test Scenario, the testing team will get a clear idea about what we need to test.

What Tools are Used in Mobile Automation Testing?

  • Appium.
  • Robot Framework.
  • TestComplete.
  • Robitium.
  • Monkey Runner.
  • Testingbot.
  • Experitest.

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Tips: How Do you Write Test Scenarios for a Mobile Application?

Writing test scenarios for mobile applications is one of the challenging parts of app testing. But,scenario-based testing is one of the easy ways to test complicated Systems. So keep in mind the below tips while preparing mobile application testing scenarios.

1. Try to create a simple test scenarios.
2. Avoid to design complicated test scenarios, Try to make it short and simple which is easily understood.
3. Focus on project methodology.
4. Focused on customer priorities and try to run test scenarios accordingly.
5. Pay Attention to the expected result.

What is the Difference Between Test Cases and Test Scenarios?

Test Cases Test Scenario
Test Cases include only small steps which are helpful to execute the expected result. Test Scenario is the details document  of the testing procedure.
It is the process to validate the Test Scenario. It is the process to test the complete functionality of the application.
It is the low-level concept of software testing means how to do testing. It is the top-level concept of software testing means what things need to test.


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Possible Top 25 Mobile Application Testing Scenarios for 2021

  • Ensure the app has been launched by downloading and installing it for use.
  • Verify that the mobile app display is adaptable to the device screen and also ensures all menus on the app are functioning.
  • Verify that the text on the mobile app is readable and clear.
  • Check that the app display is adaptable and amenable to the various display mode (i.e. landscape and portrait).
  • Verify that the app does not stop the functioning of other apps on the mobile device.
  • Verify that in the play screen, the back key allows the app to go back to the start-up screen.
  • Check that the app still operates as intended, if the device resumes from inactive mode or the lock screen.
  • Check whether the app reminds the user to save setting changes or changing of information before moving to other activities on the app.
  • Verify that the on-screen keyboard appears immediately the user attempt to enter a text.
  • Check if the app behaves as designed if the mobile device is shaken.
  • Verify that the app still functions as designed when “battery low” notifications appear on the screen.
  • Check that the app goes into the background when on call.
  • Check that the app still operates as designed when a message or notification pop-up from another app such as Facebook messaged, Instagram, etc.
  • If the app comes with a users’ settings features, check if the app changes when some form of change is affected by the user.
  • Check the Performance of the app on the different internet networks such as 1G, 2G, 3G, or 4 G networks.
  • Check that the app operates as intended when the device is connected to the internet through WiFi.
  • Check that the app still operates normally when there is an incoming call or SMS.
  • Check that the app is adaptable to different mobile platforms or OS such as Android, iOS, Microsoft, etc.
  • Check that the font size and style of the app are compatible and readable to the users.
  • Verify that that the loading time for the app is not too long.
  • Check that the app is still working as intended after the successful update of the app.
  • Check how the app function under different battery levels and temperatures.
  • Verify that the app is not draining too much battery.
  • Check that the app support image capturing.
  • Check that the app does not log out the user before the end of a session.

Simple Example of Test Scenarios To Validate the Login Form of Web Page

Test Case 1: Enter Mail ID

Test Case 2: Enter User Name

Test Case 3: Enter Password

Test Case 4: Enter Wrong Password

Test Case 5: Enter Correct Password


As a result, mobile app testing turns out to be more challenging so try to design more effective mobile testing scenarios and if you have any queries related to app testing or want to know more about our mobile application testing services Just discuss with us to hire QA or testing expert for your project.

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