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Based on the research made by Gartner, the costs of developing the IT sector will increase to 3.76 trillion dollars towards the end of 2019 and by 2020 it would have increased to 3.87, this study implies that IT plays an important role in our lives. In the later part of the development process, guaranteeing

Security Testing is very important in other to prevent attacks from third parties such as cyber attackers or hackers who are looking for every means to take important data on Personality Identifiable Information (PII). Either Facebook or Equifax, a little susceptibility and a minute mistake has caused them to lose their reputation, what they stand

The decision to outsource or not has always been a topic of a common dilemma for the organizations. However, a much more common dilemma for the software organizations these days, especially for the MSMEs, is deciding on how to invest correctly in the resources for their software testing projects. Top hire outsourcing software testing company

The shining quote for the 21st century is that “Customer is king”. This is the absolute truth of today’s customer-centric arena. Without meeting the demands of a customer a not only QA testing vendors but any company cannot thrive, least expect it to be profitable. Meeting customer expectations is extremely pivotal for recurring business and

The result of the product testing stage for every product is the most determining factor for the product’s performance and success in the market. For software products, the software must go through the testing stage to detect and fix any bugs in the code. Any bug that escapes the testing would end up reducing the

Mobile app testing is very important before making it available across the app stores. A well tested mobile app performs much more than a non-tested or weakly test a mobile app. Also, it generates much more revenue for the developers as it has higher user retention and engagement. The acceptance of tool-based testing in the

A software tester is one of the most popular fields of the job when it comes to IT. Moreover, the immense growth of the IT sector worldwide has contributed a lot to this post. Now, in this fast-growing and competitive IT industry, every company wants its product to be the so-called “The Best”. In order


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