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Software Testing:Top 5 Expectations of Customers from QA and Software Testing Companies

By October 18, 2019October 4th, 2023No Comments5 min read
Software Testing:Top 5 Expectations of Customers from QA and Software Testing Companies

The shining quote for the 21st century is that “Customer is king”. This is the absolute truth of today’s customer-centric arena. Without meeting the demands of a customer a not only QA testing vendors but any company cannot thrive, least expect it to be profitable. Meeting customer expectations is extremely pivotal for recurring business and building a brand name.

It is no different in the software testing world. Companies all over the world in the current times invest money in mobile application testing and software quality assurance. Efficient software testing not only meets customer demands but also means quality and overcome costs. Hence software testing needs to meet both.

Things are not any different in the software testing world. Companies worldwide invest a lot of money in ensuring state-of-art application testing and software QA. Efficient testing scenarios ensure not only customer satisfaction but also enhanced quality with reduced costs. Customer satisfaction hence has become the crux. In layman’s terms, your company should not have the services and measures to satisfy the customers but also reach beyond the expectations of the customers. This also sheds great light on the fact that a budding customer is your only true form of referral in the market.

What is QA in customer service?

Quality assurance in customer services is the process that can help the business to identify and analyze the customer expectations, customers’ problems regarding the product. QA assurance process centralizes the communication between customer expectations and business goals. 

Focus on Top Expectation of Customers from Software Testing Companies 

When a customer outsources their needs to you, that means they are trusting you not only with the high level of confidential information at stake but also with the quality and care with which you will nurture their needs. Let us quickly have a glance at the top 5 major testing expectations that customers have from their external QA testing vendor:

1. Get Your Products to Market Faster

How many times have you heard those piercing words: This should have been done earlier: Often I suppose? Don’t worry you are not the only fish in the ocean. Your customer is constantly dwindling in today’s dynamic and competitive arena, with the key focus on TIME-TO-MARKET. That is the primary reason that they decided to outsource their needs in the first place.

A customer believes outsourcing their testing needs to top QA company allows the vendor to work independently and in singularity without any touchdowns and dependencies. They expect you to be the quick programming hands that are going to prove priceless. The main emphasis of their expectations from you is to put rapid collaborative effort, adaptive strategic planning, and early delivery beyond everything else.

2. Bring in Domain Knowledge

Customers decide to outsource their target niche, especially in software testing because they find it extremely handy. They expect the right domain knowledge in software testing from the independent software QA testing vendors for example if the organization has a healthcare domain then it is necessary to have healthcare domain knowledge for testers so that they not only complete the requirements but also enhance the deliverable. You are expected to have good coders, good in-house niche experts to understand the requirements from the customer as well as the end-users perspective. This market research is inevitable to them as they have a high investment riding on them along with an extremely important end product which is a software tailored to perfection for their end-users.

3.Core expertise

Core Expertise on the subject matter with hands-on experience is a crucial differentiator for software testing companies. If there are no apt resources available then choosing to do it in-house is a complete waste of time and money that would be better spent into something else.

This allows companies, especially small to mid-sized to outsource a major chunk of their software testing needs. It not only allows them to allocate assets to aptly suited tasks but also prevents their revenue and project budgets from getting wasted. You are expected to use your best and subject-matter related resources in order to not only save their training costs but also to avoid the mass confusion that can happen without prior knowledge.

Core expertise is what they expect from you, so it is in the best interest to grasp the project fundamentals and start the work right away.  Outsourcing is expected to cut down the pipeline in a faster way and speed up the time-to-market along with gaining a pivotal competitive advantage.

4.Cut Costs

According to Business Matters, It is largely believed that the primary reason with which customers decide to outsource their QA needs is to minimize project expenses. You are expected to already have an expert team, along with trained professionals, and moreover, since you already specialize in testing you are supposed to have the state-of-art testing software already embedded into your systems. This saves a lot of infrastructure costs from them.

However, make sure that the quality of software that you use is top-notch and all the licenses are apt and in place. Just because saving a client’s money gives you an edge doesn’t mean you have to eradicate costs from your end as well.

5. Take it a Notch Higher

Go out and beyond the customer expectations. Do not simply slap the code together, instead try adhering to the highest norms of quality assurance. As a competent testing partner, you are expected to carry out market research to identify the core voice of the customer.

 You can try and include focus groups along with issuing acceptance tests and enrolling the beta testers beforehand to carry out the bottlenecks during the product launch phase. You should not only work for your clients but also work towards making great software for your clients.

You are expected to have an optimized and out of the crowd testing strategy. That is what is going to make you stand out. Finalizing software specifications along with advising the company on their long terms software strategy will come a long way to increase your uniqueness. By identifying advantages along with risks for your customer you not only offer valuable consulting but also pave the way towards cementing a long-term relationship with your clients.


The above listed top 5 points help us to fulfill our customer expectations in the right way. All independent software QA testing vendors should have to focus on these points because the customer is the king of every business.

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