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Best Practices for Visual UI Testing with Cypress 

By February 2, 2024April 15th, 2024No Comments5 min read
Visual UI Testing Using Cypress Testing Services

In the dynamic landscape of modern software development, the pace of innovation has ushered in a new era of continuous deployment. Companies today roll out updates, and in some cases, entirely new releases, with a frequency that can range from daily to near constant. While this agility fuels progress, it also introduces a challenge: the potential for unintended consequences on the visual integrity of the user interface. 

Why does this matter? Well, maintaining a visually perfect UI is crucial for retaining customers.  

Let’s consider an e-commerce website. A Visual UI test would verify that the product images are displayed correctly, the ‘Add to Cart’ button is the right shade of blue, and the checkout page maintains its pristine layout across various devices and browsers. This shows the vital role of visual aesthetics in how users see things and emphasizes the need for a solid strategy to keep the visual excellence users expect, especially with each code change. 

What is Visual UI Testing? 

Visual UI testing, a method of software testing evaluating the visual aspects of a user interface. It involves programmatically interacting with an application’s UI, capturing screenshots or images at different stages of interaction, and then comparing these images against baseline references to detect any visual anomalies or regressions. 

Visual UI Testing tools use image processing algorithms to analyze and identify differences in pixel-level details between the captured images and expected references. This pixel-by-pixel comparison enables the detection of subtle visual changes caused by code modifications, ensuring the integrity of the user interface’s appearance. 

Why is Visual Testing Important? 

Visual testing is essential for quickly identifying and preventing unintended visual defects in software applications, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing user experience across different platforms and updates. 

Visual testing primarily focuses on UI changes. For instance, in the image above, if a user hasn’t navigated correctly from home page to product page. The above image shows that while trying to product page user is still on home page and capture image shows difference between UI changes.  

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Best Practices for Cypress Visual UI Testing 

Setting Up Cypress for Visual Testing: 

-> Begin by installing Cypress and the necessary plugins. 

-> Use Cypress commands like cy.visit() and cy.get() to navigate through your application. 

-> Integrate Cypress with a visual testing tool, such as Applitools Eyes or Percy. 

Handling Asynchronous Operations: 

-> Leverage Cypress commands like cy.wait() and cy.intercept() to handle asynchronous operations effectively. 

-> Ensure proper synchronization to capture accurate visual snapshots during dynamic content loading. 

Configuring Viewports and Responsive Testing: 

-> Use different viewports to test how your application responds to various screen sizes. 

-> Implement responsive testing by using cy.viewport() to simulate different devices and orientations. 

Selective Testing with Visual Snapshots: 

-> Take advantage of visual snapshots to capture and compare images of specific components or pages. 

-> Use baseline images to identify any unexpected visual changes during subsequent test runs. 

Handling Dynamic Data: 

-> Parameterize your tests to handle dynamic data by using fixtures or API requests. 

-> Exclude dynamic content from visual comparisons to avoid false positives. 

Custom Commands for Reusability: 

-> Create custom Cypress commands to encapsulate visual testing logic and promote code reusability. 

-> Abstract away common visual testing patterns to simplify test scripts. 

Integrating Visual Testing into Continuous Integration: 

-> Integrate visual tests into your CI/CD pipeline for automated execution on each code push. 

-> Set up visual testing thresholds to prevent false positives and accommodate visual changes. 

Handling Time-Dependent Visuals: 

-> Manage time-dependent visuals, such as animations or loading spinners, by adjusting timeouts and delays. 

-> Utilize Cypress commands like cy.clock() for precise control over time-related actions. 

Debugging Visual Test Failures: 

-> Leverage Cypress’ built-in debugging tools to inspect elements and troubleshoot test failures. 

-> Use visual testing reports to identify the root cause of visual discrepancies. 

Version Control and Collaboration: 

-> Store baseline images in version control to track changes over time. 

-> Collaborate effectively by ensuring consistent baseline images across team members. 


Visual UI Testing isn’t just about pixels and aesthetics; it’s about delivering a flawless user experience. With Cypress as your testing companion and these best practices as your guide, you’re not only detecting visual discrepancies but actively safeguarding your application’s integrity. Embrace best practices, iterate upon them as your application evolves, and witness the transformation of your testing suite into an unyielding guardian of visual excellence. Your users deserve nothing less, and your commitment to visual UI testing ensures they get exactly that.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, user interfaces play a pivotal role in shaping user perceptions. Visual UI Testing goes beyond traditional testing methods, focusing on the visual elements that directly impact user satisfaction and engagement.

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