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Automation Testing Company: Top 10 Best Practices for Automation Testing

Automation testing is a professional module followed very much as of programming. In this type of Software Testing, techniques are used for testing and comparing the real-time outputs with those of the speculated results.In this artical we are goigng to dicuss the top best practises which is used by every automation testing company.

Top Automation Testing Practices Used By Automation Testing Company

1. Make Sure the Tools are Compatible:

It is essential to get the testing tools of the candidates checked inside an explicit space prior these are installed within the specified test environment. If a section of the concerned application remains in certain form during the time of test tool selection, it is then advised for the test team to install the tools with the app and make sure whether both are compatible.  

2. Update Test Tools:

This is considered one of the best practices for Test Automation framework. In some occasions the testing team would wish to ensure that the scripts made is developed in the older edition of the tool does well with the latest ones. It is recommended that the tests should be made to make sure that the testing needs are fulfilled with the most recent edition.

3.Have a Back-up for Present Configuration:

To make sure that the stability of the present system environment, it is advised for the test team to provide back-up for the present system configuration prior installation of any fresh automated test tool or latest edition of automated test tool. Specifically, the .dil files should be backed up

4.No Unwanted Software Installation:

It’s considered one of the test automation best practices to stay away from the installation of unwanted software inside the desired test environment after it turns functional.

5. The Intention is Simple; to Find Errors

It is recommended for the test team to be cautious enough to stay away from the challenge associated with the script development that drags the attention away of the tester from the primary aim of finding the errors. In short, the testers should not do too much automation in the pursuit of perfection.   

6. Don’t Make it Too Elaborated

One of the best practices for test automation is to keep things simple. Making the test script excessively elaborated is never really a cost-effective approach. In such occasions, the application size should also be kept in mind along with the testing budget.

7. While Going for Selenium Test Automation:

Many testing engineers make use of selenium automation testing tool. One of the selenium test automation best practices is to be disciplined enough in terms of thoroughly sticking with the design and development standard, as well as to ensure the best possible reusability and maintenance.

8. Don’t go for Instant Automation

It is important for the testing engineers to understand that not every testing should be instantly automated. Rather, the best approach would be to set the automation attempt as per the testing execution process, being careful about not replicating the development approach.

9.Target Those Make Manual Approach Tough

Testing engineers should understand and prioritize the fact that the desired result can also be achieved by writing the test scripts as well, along with the use of automation testing tool. The prime aim should be to automate the recurring testing needs those are tough to be performed manually.  

10.Know Your Resources:

Make sure the tools you practice are familiar with the resources you have. For example, if the application to be developed is in C#, it means nothing to go with tools that do not have C# for scripts.  

Ultimately, things should be very much targeted and simple. Upon following the mentioned above best practices for Automation Testing, By one of the Top Automation testing company, one can certainly get the desired output.

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