Top 10 Automation Testing Frameworks

Automation Testing Frameworks

Top 10 Automation Testing Frameworks

Before we get to the top-10 automation testing framework list by 2022, let’s talk about what test automation is, and what it means to be a framework.

In QA testing, we have developed two types of tests, and we all know — manual testing and automatic testing.

We know that manual testing will take place at the grassroots level, and is suitable for small projects. But regarding the management of complex projects, we have a better solution: we will use automatic tests.

Automated test solutions can help by providing accurate and effective solutions to all your mistakes and errors. It also saves time and ensures high-quality results. Automatic testing allows for a better understanding of manual testing, which some tests fail. Automatic testing of the software not only provides an overview of the program, but also displays memory content, data tables, file contents, and internal system conditions. This will help the engineers to identify what went wrong.

Top Automation Testing Framework List of 2022

To support automated testing, we have well-functioning web testing frameworks to provide the highest quality results. Let’s explore What are the frameworks used in automation testing?


Selenium is one of the most widely used open-source web UI testing tools. Created by Jason Huggins in 2004. Selenium can be used to test web applications on a variety of browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Selenium tests are typically written in Java, but they can also be written in other programming languages, such as C# and Python. Selenium tests can be run on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Selenium test automation can be used to test web applications that are built using a variety of frameworks, including AngularJS, ReactJS, and VueJS. Selenium test automation can be used to test web applications that are hosted on a variety of platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Selenium can also be used


It is based on the Cucumber framework and uses Java as its base language. Karate provides an easy way to write tests in a concise and readable format. It also supports various other languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, and Python.

Karate has a wide range of features that make it a powerful tool for test automation. It supports both web and mobile applications. Karate also has a rich set of libraries that can be used for assertions, mocking, and other test-related activities. Karate is an open-source tool and is available under the Apache License 2.0.


Katalon is a powerful test automation framework that helps you automate Web, API, Mobile, and Desktop apps. With Katalon, you can easily record, replay, and debug your tests. Katalon Studio is a free and open-source test automation solution that offers comprehensive features for creating, managing, and executing automated tests.

Katalon is built on top of the Selenium and Appium frameworks and integrates with popular CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, and Azure DevOps.

Katalon Studio is available in both FREE and Enterprise editions. The FREE edition is ideal for individuals and small teams who want to get started with test automation. The Enterprise edition is designed for larger teams and organizations who need advanced features and support.


Appium is an open-source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. It uses the WebDriver protocol to drive iOS and Android apps. Appium is free and open-source software released under Apache License 2.0. Appium was originally developed by Dan Cuellar in 2011 under the name “iPhone Driver” and was later renamed Appium when it added support for Android devices.

Appium is a cross-platform tool that can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It supports various language bindings such as Java, Objective-C, JavaScript with Node.js, and Python.

Appium allows developers to write tests in their preferred language and run them against multiple platforms without the need to modify the code.


Eggplant is a test automation framework that can be used to automate testing for a variety of applications. Eggplant can be used to test web applications, mobile apps, and desktop applications. Eggplant is a cost-effective solution for automating testing, and it offers many features that make it an attractive option for test automation.

An eggplant is a cross-platform tool, which means it can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Eggplant is also compatible with a variety of development environments, including Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Xcode.


Ranorex Studio is a robust and well-designed tool for testing web applications, standalone applications, and mobile applications. It is easy to use so that even those who do not know how to encode also do tests. Supports various browsers and mobile applications. It helps to fix the tool error and easily fix the problem in the app.


Application testing is one of the critical aspects of automated testing. In addition, it is driven by the need for a reliable, reliable, fast, and compelling tool that can fit into integrated skill sets. TestProject has established itself as one of the most versatile and diverse platforms that can help identify the best user experience.

Test studio:

Test Studio is a new and easy-to-use tool for Web API load and desktop testing for WPF. Whether you know the code or not or choose to use the automatic power based on Test Studio code, you will always ensure the right app quality and bring the best results. Test Studio provides team-wide automation solutions, empowering everyone — from junior to senior engineers, product managers, and QA guides.

Rational Functional Tester:

A Rational Functional Tester is an automated testing tool for something that can perform automatic operation, retrieval, GUI, and data-driven testing. Allows users to create actions that mimic actions and experiments that make sense. Software quality assurance teams mainly use it to perform automated retrieval tests.


Cucumber is a test automation framework that helps developers write and maintain executable specifications of software functionality. It is one of the most popular frameworks in the world of test automation.

Cucumber allows developers to express the requirements of their software in a human-readable format, which makes it easy for non-technical stakeholders to understand. It also allows developers to write tests in a concise and readable format, which makes it easy to maintain and update them.

Cucumber is written in the Ruby programming language. It is open source and freely available for use under the MIT license.


In the above article, we have discussed the automation testing framework list for 2022. We hope our listed most popular testing frameworks would help you in automation testing. Happy Testing!

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