10 Best Mobile App Testing Tools

10 Best Mobile Application Testing Tools

10 Best Mobile App Testing Tools

The mobile testing strategy revolves around the use of diverse modern tools. There are several methods and affordable mobile app testing tools that you can avail of for implementing your mobile app testing practices. If you are limited on time and money for getting your mobile apps tested, then this article is for you. Here are the best ten mobile application testing tools that can assist you in handling and implementing your mobile app testing strategies. If you are a mobile app testing expert, refer to these tools to improvise your strategies!

What are the Tools Used for Mobile Testing?

There are various mobile app automation testing tools used by the top automation companies, some of them are : 

1. Test Complete

Test Complete allows you to run several repeated UI tests over the application platform. It is a compatible tool that can assist you in testing hybrid mobile apps, which means it will support both Android as well as iOS app testing. Moreover, it is an automated testing tool that you can implement on real mobile devices or emulators at ease. The automated test scripts are available over the tools, but you can also choose from the VBScript, JavaScript, Python, and others.

For more information: Test Complete

2. Test IO

Test IO allows you to test the mobile apps on real-time implementations to make sure that the mobile application designated for your business works seamlessly on almost all OS platforms. These testing tools are, at times, ahead of the professional testers in detecting the internal bugs. Moreover, Test IO has flexible testing measures that understand the diverse need and requirements of the clients and imposes faster results. Using Test IO, you can seek the removal of the QA Bottleneck on-demand to cope with your expectations from the app.

For more information: Test IO

3. Appium

Appium is considerably one of the best mobile app testing tools used by most professional testers. Appium is an effective tool for web and mobile app testing that works well even for hybrid applications. In Mobile automation using appium, There is no requirement of modifying any codes over the applications as Appium seamlessly integrates with both Android as well as the iOS platforms. Moreover, Appium is also meant for automated functional testing to improve the overall functionality of the applications.

For more information: Appium

4. Robotium

Robotium is a testing tool that is designated for handling android apps only under an automated testing framework. Robotium is specifically designated for black-box testing on android applications. It uses JavaScript to prepare the test scripts. Some of the additional requirements for the seamless running of this tool are Android SDK, Eclipse for the test project, Android development Kit, and JDK.

For more information: Robotium

5. Xamarin.UITest

As the name suggests, the Xamarin.UITest is the framework that works feasibly for testing the UI acceptance over iOS or Android applications. It is the perfect testing tool for Android, iOS, and native applications. It supports cross-platform testing measures, and the test scripts are written in C#. The best thing about Xamarin.UITest is that it integrates well with most of the Visual Studio Products.

6. Espresso

Espresso, mobile app testing tool, is designed by Google and is embedded with Android Studio. This is an ideal tool for all types of people who want to run tests on native android applications. There is a limitation as Espresso can only create Android UI Tests to support the enhancement of the functionalities.

It uses Java and Kotlin for the creation of tests and has a simple API that can be easily molded. These UI tests can be implemented on real devices and emulators to know the progress better. Moreover, there is an embedded test recorder that allows recording of the tests instead of writing the detailed codes.

7. XCUI Test

XCUI Test tool is meant for iOS app testing only. It allows the creation of UI tests for iOS apps and runs with Xcode IDE. It is a convenient testing tool for iOS app developers to derive accurate results to find and rectify the variations within. Moreover, the framework pairs up with the recorder tools to allow the testers to record the process instead of writing the codes. The text execution process is also fast and feasible for all apple devices.

8. Ranorex Studio

More than 4000 companies prefer using this tool as an adequate solution for mobile app testing. If you are new to mobile app testing and have little knowledge about codes, then this is the ideal solution for beginners to adapt. Automation experts can implement the use of IDE for complete testing assistance. It works well with Android and iOS mobile app testing along with web and native apps as well. It seamlessly integrates with other tools such as TestRail, Jenkin, Travis CI, Jira, and others.

For more information: Ranorex Studio

9. Monkey Talk

Monkey Talk operates on the basic three components, such as Scripts, agents, and IDE. The IDE creates scripts for testing by using the playback and record features embedded within. The agent has the test instrumentation links with the app. The script includes the Java execution engines along with the syntax and keywords. This tool is adequate for testing hybrid apps and web-based apps at convenience.

10. Kobiton

It is a cloud platform that allows real devices or emulators to run automated or manual tests on all applications irrespective of the OS. It works well with native apps, Android apps, and iOS apps. It uses the framework of Appium and experiences regular updates to improve its testing efficiency. It allows script modifications as well for better testing practices.

For more information: Kobiton


If you are a beginner in mobile test automation, you could always start practicing with any of the apps. With a little guidance, you will soon master the script creation and testing execution aspects. If you are willing to take the mobile app testing aspects into your hands, then we suggest using any of the above mobile performance testing tools to get the best results to improve application performance to experience better responses.


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