Mobile Application Testing Process: Effective Steps to Guide

Mobile Application Testing Process

Mobile Application Testing Process: Effective Steps to Guide

Mobile applications are trending in the present day scenario. In order to survive in the highly competitive market of today, it is important to test the mobile apps and ensure that they are free from all the bugs and errors. Here is a step-by-step guide to performing the mobile application testing process. Before start with our main subject let’s have a look What is the Mobile App Testing Process? and How mobile application testing is cover during or after the development process.

What is the Application Testing?

A mobile or web-based application testing is the set of activities that are conduct by the software tester during or after the development process with the help of Mobile app testing techniques. In Simple Words, we can say the application testing process conduct to verify the application quality, performance, compatibility, user-experience, and reliability.

How Mobile Application Testing Process is Done?

In a software or application testing process there are different types of mobile application testing that help us to ensure the application works as per the user requirements or not. Below is the list of top mobile testing tools to consider while doing app testing

  1. Appium
  2. TestComplete
  3. Robot Framework
  4. Espresso
  5. Xamarin.UITest
  6. XCUITest

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What are the Types of Application Testing?

Before going to start with Mobile phone testing procedure, In this article you will get an overview top different Types of mobile app testing, let’s check:

  1. Usability testing
  2. Compatibility Testing
  3. Performance testing
  4. Security Testing
  5. Installation Testing
  6. Localisation Testing
  7. Functional Testing
  8. Acceptance Testing
  9. Interruption Testing
  10. Recovery Testing

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Step-by-Step Mobile Application Testing Process

After preparing Mobile app testing checklists, Simply perform the below-listed step-by-step mobile testing process to improve your mobile app testing strategy.

1.Preparation and Strategy Formulation

The first step is to prepare a plan as well as a strategy in order to carry out the mobile app testing smoothly. It is an important step as all the other steps depend on it. This step includes a number of activities, including determining prerequisites, identifying the targeted devices, finding out the app type, and more.

2.Identification of Essential Testing Types

As the end-users have different mobile devices, it is important to ensure that the mobile application performs well on all the Android and iOS devices. In order to verify this, a combination of manual, automated, and Cloud simulator testing needs to be carried out. This helps in identifying all the potential defects and meeting the objective of the application efficiently.

3.Design of Test Script and Test Case 

A test case refers to the succession of steps that helps in executing a particular application test. Test script and test cases are quite similar. While test cases are used during manual testing, test scripts find use in automation testing. Designing the Mobile app testing scenarios, test cases and test scripts is crucial for the smooth testing of the application.

4.Setup of Testing Environment

Arranging the codes and devices to perform mobile app testing is known as a testing environment. The test environment is dependent on the mobile app being tested. Setting up the right test environment is vital to ensure the optimum success of mobile app testing.

5.Manual Testing and Automated Testing

During mobile automation testing, It includes executing the manual automated test cases on different mobile devices. The key functionalities of the mobile application are tested through mobile and automation testing. It helps in identifying the flaws and eliminating them for enhanced performance of the application.

6.Usability and User Interface Testing

Usability testing ensures that the application is easy to use. It ensures effectiveness, efficiency, as well as optimum satisfaction of the end-users. User interface testing ensures that the mobile application has a simple interface that the users can easily understand as well as use.

7.Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing checks the mobile application across different browsers, devices, networks, as well as the operating system. It ensures that the application is highly compatible and works well on all browsers, devices, and networks.

8.Performance Testing

Performance testing helps in determining the stability, interoperability, as well as other important aspects of the mobile application. It ensures that the mobile app is able to perform well under different load conditions and usage scenarios. It verifies the working capacity, response time, and other aspects of the mobile application.

9.Security Testing

Security testing verifies the overall security of the mobile application. It analyses the potential risk and helps in preventing unauthorised access, thereby restricting unauthorised access. 

10.Beta Testing

Beta testing is performed with the help of genuine clients and evaluates the stability of the mobile application in terms of actual users. It aims at identifying the potential errors and eliminating it before release to ensure enhanced user experience.

Follow the step-by-step guide to develop testing methodologies for mobile applications that can help in performing mobile app testing in the best possible way.

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