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How to Test Mobile Application?[Top Best Way]

By July 21, 2020February 7th, 2024No Comments3 min read
How to Test Mobile Application

Today, a majority of people prefer mobile applications due to the increase in mobile devices. Testing the mobile application is essential in order to deliver flawless apps that meet the expectations of the customers effectively. but the question is how to test mobile applications? Any Specific techniques to follow? what are the testing methodologies for mobile applications? Don’t worry, As a leading Software Testing Company in Virginia USA, Today we are coming up with the best ways to test mobile applications and ensure high-quality apps.

 How to Test Mobile Application?

  • Mobile Device Selection

When it comes to testing a mobile application, the first concern is related to the selection of mobile devices. There are various testing needs to consider like Android app testing, iOS app testing, etc. Testing the app on a real device helps in providing accurate results. However, choosing the right device is important for mobile device testing. While selecting the mobile device for testing a mobile app, make sure to choose the most popularly used gadgets. Choose devices with different screen resolutions as well as operating systems in order to ensure effective testing. 

  • Choose between Emulators or Simulators

While emulators are the original device replacements, simulators create a similar environment to the OS of the original device. Being a cost-effective solution, simulators are preferred to test mobile applications.  With an easy setup, you can easily explore as well as verify the mobile app behavior using the simulators.

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  • Test the Mobile App on the Cloud

Testing the mobile app on the Cloud helps in overcoming the potential disadvantages associated with simulators as well as real devices. With cloud-based testing, you do not have to set up the on-premise test conditions, or mobile app testing scenarios thereby saving a lot of time and money. Moreover, Cloud testing supports complex applications and helps in finding out potential defects. With Cloud-based testing, availing real-time results and reducing the time to market becomes easy.

  • Manual Vs. Automated Testing

While most people believe that manual testing is no longer effective, it is still relevant and equally important. The combination of manual and mobile automation testing is used for performing mobile application tests. While manual testing is used for exploratory and usability testing, automated testing is preferred for regression and load testing. Both manual and automation testing are equally important in order to successfully test mobile applications. In automation, There are various mobile application testing tools to work on mobile app automation testing. 

  • Network Connectivity

In order to perform well, most mobile applications depend on network connectivity. Hence, it is important to test mobile apps in real network environments with an effective mobile app testing checklist to view the real picture of the behavior of the application. Testing mobile applications against different network connections, bandwidths, speeds, and more help in ensuring consistent performance of the application. 

  • Performance Testing

Testing mobile applications to determine their performance as well as scalability issues is considered to be a good practice. Mobile performance testing helps in identifying potential bugs at an early stage of development. It helps in easily finding out the issues like the interruption of calls or other apps, memory leaks, and more. With effective performance testing, the release of a flawless mobile application can be ensured.

  • Security Testing

This is the most important type of mobile testing because privacy, as well as the security of mobile apps, cannot be compromised. Testing mobile apps for security can help eliminate the potential loopholes that may lead to the vulnerability of the application. With optimum mobile app security testing, the users can be ensured of optimum protection against unauthorized access. 


Testing the mobile application effectively will ensure its optimum success in being released. We hope the article will help all and give an overview of the best tips to follow while doing mobile application testing. Stay connected with the top mobile testing company, for more such effective tips and Techniques.

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