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What is (SAST)Static Application Security Testing? Tools with Key Steps to Run SAST

By May 27, 2020September 20th, 2023No Comments3 min read
What is (SAST)Static Application Security Testing? Tools with Key Steps to Run SAST

With a high number of cybersecurity crimes, It is necessary for business owners to know about the Static Application Security Testing to secure their business applications from hackers. In this blog post, Security testing service providers will help you to navigate your security testing plan  to ensure your application security

What is  SAST or Static Application Security Testing?

Wondering what is Static Application Security Testing? Static application security testing (SAST) is a type of testing methodology that helps in finding out the potential security vulnerabilities through analysis of the source code of applications. It helps in preventing applications from malicious attacks.

Before the compilation of the codes, this testing is done to determine the vulnerabilities and find out appropriate measures to resolve the security problem. SAST is performed at an early stage of the software development life cycle in order to make the necessary improvements before the release of the application. SAST proves to be a cost-effective means of improving the overall performance of the applications.

What are the Benefits of SAST?

The SAST security testing offers a number of benefits to the different organizations. Some of the top benefits of using this testing methodology are:

  • Identify Source Code Vulnerabilities

The ability to detect the coding vulnerabilities of the application is among the top benefits of static security testing. With SAST identifying the buffer overflows, SQL injection, and other issues become easy. Identifying and resolving the source code vulnerabilities helps in minimizing the risk of external attacks.

  • Find the Exact Problem-causing Segment of Source Code

SAST not only identifies the faulty code but also helps in determining the precise location that is creating the problem. Finding out the root cause makes it easier for the developers to fix the problem effectively and improve the code.

  • Early Diagnosis

As this web application security testing is conducted at an early phase in the software life cycle, it enables early detection of the vulnerabilities. Early detection and resolving of the issue before release helps in enhancing the productivity of the application and reduces the cost. Early diagnosis also helps in making a positive impact on the reputation of the organization.

What are Top Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tools? 

There is a number of static application security testing or SAST tools, some of the top tools are:

  • Synopsis Coverity.
  • HCL AppScan.
  • CheckMarx.
  • Appknox.
  • Kiuwan Code Security & Insights.

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Key Steps to Run SAST

In order to run SAST effectively, there are five simple steps that you need to follow. The five steps are mentioned below:

1.Tool Finalization

While there are various SAST tools available, choose one that can perform the code reviews efficiently. The tool must have the ability to comprehend the framework of the application that you want to test.

2.Scanning Infrastructure Creation and Tool Deployment

In this step, you need to set up the authorization and access control. You also need to meet the licensing requirements and procure the essential resource for tool deployment.

3.Tool Customization

The selected tool is customized to meet the unique needs of the organization. Depending on your specific requirement, you can fine-tune the tool.

4.Prioritization and Onboard Application

When the SAST tool is ready, applications are assigned for testing. In the case of a large number of applications, you can prioritize them and scan the application that is prone to high risk.

5.Analysis of Scan Results

Once all the applications have been scanned, the result is analyzed. The potential vulnerabilities are tracked, and appropriate improvements are made.

The Static Application security testing company  employs the steps mentioned above to make the applications of clients risk-free. With static application security testing, availing secured applications become easy.

With SAST tools, you will able to run perfect security testing practices, if you still looking for more information about the SAST, Chat with web application security testing company who will guide you in the right direction  

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