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Top 10 Automation Testing Service Providers in the USA

By March 9, 2021February 7th, 2024No Comments5 min read
Automation Testing Service Providers in USA

Launching a flawless software application in the market and getting the approval of the target audience is a challenging task. Testing the software with high precision is essential for a successful launch. Here availing of the QA automation testing service of reputed companies can help. With years of experience and expertise in the domain, the professionals can enable you to deliver an unmatched experience to the end-users. If you are looking for the top QA automation testing companies in the USA or are still confused about how to automate testing then, take a look at the list below. Let’s dive in. 

Automation Testing Service Providers in the USA

Testrig Technologies

 If you are looking for reliable and quality automation testing using selenium or any kind of automation expertise, Testrig Technologies is the best choice. The company offers exceptional software testing services at affordable prices. With deep expertise in QA testing, Testrig Technologies provides highly customized services to meet different clients’ unique requirements. The professionals understand all the needs of the clients and ensure delivering bug-free applications to enhance their business performance. They use a unique testing approach to ensure that the application is functional on different platforms and offers top-notch outcomes. The company is committed to delivering a plethora of QA testing services and improving the ROI of your business. 

Mindful QA

Mindful QA is another top-rated automation testing company that provides flexible QA services to businesses of all sizes. The company offers a wide range of software testing services, including performance testing, mobile app testing, security testing, automation testing, and much more. The highly qualified and experienced testers of Mindful QA are ready to provide your business with optimum value. The direct hourly rates of software testing services make it a preferred option among clients.


Founded in 2016, QACraft has quickly risen to become one of the best Quality Assurance (QA) and Test Automation Services companies. Small to medium-sized firms, startups, and organizations can use their testing solutions. QACraft is offering its end-to-end QA solutions in India, the UK, the USA, and worldwide. Web automation testing, Automation Testing, Android application automation, iOS application automation, E-commerce, and web scraping are among the services they provide.

QA Mentor

QA Mentor is a well-known award-winning company in the USA. Being a pioneer in the industry, QA Mentor offers remarkable services to clients. With a team of certified testing professionals, the company is able to provide nearly 32 QA testing services. The core services offered by the company include compatibility testing, security testing, performance testing, regression testing, and much more. The flexible engagement models and economical services of the company attract more customers to avail of their services. 


Headquartered in Texas, USA, ScienceSoft is a reputed company that offers unparalleled software automation testing services. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, the company ensures the best outcomes for all software testing projects. The software testing expertise of the professionals at ScienceSoft enables them to ensure the optimum satisfaction of the clients. If you are looking for exceptional digital transformation and high performance, look no further than ScienceSoft.

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Impact QA

Impact QA is another leading Automation testing company in the USA. Whether you own a start-up business or a large enterprise, you can rely on Impact QA for high-quality software testing services. Qualified QA engineers follow a customer-centric approach and provide highly customized services to meet the exact requirements of clients. Its services include automation testing, performance testing, security testing, AI testing, cloud testing, IoT testing, and DevOps testing. The proficient testers of the company make use of the latest QA automation testing tools and technologies to deliver exceptional outcomes for the clients. 


In the world of software testing, the quality assurance automation testing company of A1QA stands out as unique. With more than 14 years of experience in the domain, the company has successfully served hundreds of clients and businesses. The perfect blend of knowledge and skills of the company’s testing professionals enables the firm to deliver innovative QA testing services to global clients. A1QA mainly functions on value, such as effective collaboration, teamwork, and constant content creation. The professionals are dedicated to delivering maximum value to clients around the globe.

QA Source

If you are on the lookout for a comprehensive service provider of software testing services in the USA, consider QA Source. The renowned QA testing service provider allows businesses to develop maintainable, modular, reusable, and portable automation frameworks. The company has dedicated resources to meet the different requests of the clients. The expertise and enhanced capabilities of the software testing professionals at QA Source enable it to deliver flawless software in much less time. With faster time to market, it helps companies in saving time while enjoying higher revenues.


TestMatick offers a wide range of QA automation testing services to different industries such as banking, finance, education, and more. The technical knowledge and skills of the team members help in understanding your business process better and accordingly deliver the best services. Moreover, the professionally built testing methodologies and processes allow it to provide unmatched testing services to clients. The experts can also provide you with the services within the set deadlines.


DeviQA is another pioneer in the world of QA testing. The company gives vast offerings of automated testing for mobile and web applications. DeviQA ensures optimum compliance with the legal requirements of the industry and provides maximum security to the information of the customers. It offers QA testing services to different industry verticals such as education, travel, e-commerce, aviation, banking and finance, and much more. 


Thinksys is yet another significant QA automation testing company in the USA. With more than 150 professionals, the company offers top-notch testing services to businesses of different sizes. Whether you own a small business or a full-fledged enterprise, Thinksys can provide the best services at competitive prices. It is especially well-known for software solutions such as big data analytics, AI, cloud computing, and more. The professionals’ proven skills and knowledge equip it to serve its global clients with the best and most timely services. 


Apart from the companies mentioned above, various other service providers offer quality QA testing services in the USA. Some companies even offer selenium load testing services at a reasonable price. Depending on your requirements and budget constraints, you can choose the best QA Software Testing Companies and ensure the successful launch of your application. 

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