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Learn To Estimate Software Testing Time

By September 11, 2021November 28th, 2023No Comments5 min read
Learn To Estimate Software Testing Time

We think that the Estimate Testing Time is an important aspect as striking the right balance between maintaining the software quality and taking care of the release date is one of the many challenges that we partake in the software development life cycle. As a result, it becomes extremely necessary in building the right test cases to address and resort to addressing the product risk with the adjoined test case. Estimating the testing time takes proper planning and treating the SDLC as a puzzle, wherein you will have to compartmentalize each part of the puzzle and think it directly in terms of testing.  While this is standard practice and should be given the maximum value, dissecting each requirement with the test case will seemingly postpone the end date of delivery and subsequent launch of the product. This is where time mapping software comes into action.

Planning makes it feasible to utilize the already available resources to the best of your capabilities and also helps in predicting your long-term as well as short-term project goals. The closer and more accurate your planning data turns out to be the closer you are going to get to higher quality project management. 

Time estimation for software testing or QA of an application is one of the most important and essential aspects of planning. Any major errors in time estimation can lead to a downwards spiral of negativity. These negative effects can vary right from the escalation of project costing to unprofitability to random resource crunch along with delay in project schedules and ultimately resulting in leading a bad reputation of your firm. 

Some pertinent questions to ask at this juncture are

  • Is it truly and wholly possible to avoid all such situations?
  • What factors should be the decision maker in the software testing estimation process?
  • Is it a single approach or a combination of various approaches?

As a leading offshore software testing services company in the USA, we are going to address each aspect of the above-mentioned questions in the tips that we are going to give below. These top 3 tips on How to estimate testing time will hopefully make you see both the project planning and software testing time estimation in a new light. 

Let us directly cut to the chase.

Tips To Estimate Testing Time


If your testing needs are already compartmentalized then you will have testing time dedicated to each and every specific task. While it would be tinsel town and picture-perfect if everything went as per the planning, alas it’s not! Hence it becomes extremely pivotal to carefully evaluate the risks associated with the testing process of each task. Now if we break it down further, then we see that each of the risks that we have pointed out requires time and resources in order to get eliminated from our list. This will help a great deal in the not only early evaluation of the bottlenecks but also to manage the forthcoming planning in accordance. 


While streamlining and mapping your testing process to a single technique is a great way to go and attain relevancy, I have seen from my experience that we can always tend to reduce the damage by taking the most relevant technique and jamming it up with other techniques. 

A good example of this would be an even workout and breakdown structure, that showcases the tipping point of every solution and what possible combination of steps that can be combined at that stage in order to prevent the breakdown. This not only helps us in realizing the vast scope of our work but also helps in the suitable division of a single task into multiple sub-tasks along with providing detailed clarification to the current requirement subset. The most important thing to remember in this case is: DO NOT FORGET TO EXPERIMENT. That is the only way to learn, not only from your shortcomings but also how to deal with the existing problems in the most effective way.


The utilization of past involvement with testing time estimation is regularly fundamental on the grounds that numerous estimation procedures are to a more noteworthy or lesser degree dependent on this. Regardless of whether your picked estimation method is a long way from subjectivity and utilization of individual experience, past testing time estimation results can assist with supporting the aftereffects of the picked strategy and make a strong premise. 

You additionally ought not to overlook that human memory isn’t great and much information isn’t put away in it or is put away in a twisted structure. All together not to lose this information I consistently record the assessed and genuine testing time for each test action in the Jira framework. 

But maintaining an additional excel will do wonders and safeguard your data, as the method stated above would not help you to preserve your data for a longer time. If there should be an occurrence of a disparity between these qualities, it is imperative to comprehend and record its reasons. This methodology will make the best utilization of your past testing experience.

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If you want to Estimate Testing Time, utilizing the tips portrayed above it will be a lot simpler to evaluate testing time and a way to deal with this undertaking will be increasingly cognizant. Every one of the tips is free and can be utilized independently, yet as well as can be expected to be accomplished by utilizing all the tips as a combined piece of the structured puzzle.

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