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Mobile Apps Testing: Key Points for Mobile Application Testing Checklist

By May 16, 2019October 10th, 2023No Comments3 min read
Mobile Apps Testing: Key Points for Mobile Application Testing Checklist

Over the past few years, the market is witnessing an increased production of mobile phones. With around 4.6 billion consumers using mobile phones globally, the increase in production comes with no wonders. The primary task of developers is creating applications that provide an excellent user experience across devices, networks, and platforms. In the case of mobile application testing, the testers have to these applications for performance and functionality.

That being said; however, the mobile application testing companies usually have a limited amount of time for ensuring that the functioning of the application is perfect. In such a scenario, a mobile application testing checklist can indeed be of great help for the testers. Before the deep analysis about mobile application testing Checklist Strategy let’s have a look at some top areas of mobile app testing on which every mobile testing company have to focus while designing a test strategy

 Mobile App Testing Strategy include;

  • Functional Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • User-Experience Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Compatibility Testing

 Mobile Application Testing Checklist  

Here we listed a detailed checklist that can help you, as a tester, to make sure your mobile app is perfect to be released to the market.

1. Conduct Mobile Application Testing with Usability Testing for Ensuring User’s Comfort on the App

Mentioned below is the usability testing checklist for mobile application: These mobile app usability checklist include;

  • Responsiveness of the application name and logo when the Application Manager is clicked
  • Receiving visual review for the user activities in the app within just three seconds maximum.
  • The functionality of exit options at any point when the app is running
  • Keep away the unmapped keys
  • Enabling highly responsive Mobile menu for Mobiles and Tablets.
  • Easy navigation across various screens.
2. Conduct a Mobile Application Testing with High-end Performance Testing

Mentioned below is the mobile app performance testing checklist:

  • Time is taken for launching the app.
  • App performance during peak load scenarios
  • Splash performance test and making sure it stays on the screen for no more than three to four seconds.
  • App performance when charging and during low battery conditions.
  • Leverage Live Monitoring solutions for keeping the computing power of the application on the check.
  • Successful installing and uninstalling of the app within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Graceful exit and display of error messages during low memory conditions
  • Performance of the app during network issues and prompts for error alerts.
  • App performance when the network resumes into action.
3. Run Top-notch Accessibility Tests:

Mentioned below is the mobile app accessibility testing checklist:    

  • Screen reader testing
  • Zooming the application
  • Verification of the color ratios
  • Readability testing of the application
  • Ensure navigation is structured, consistent, descriptive, and logical
4.Run Security Test for Authenticated Usage of the App

Mentioned below is the mobile application security testing checklist, You can refer these iOS and android app security checklist for most common application testing;

  • Security of the users’ payment data
  • Security of Network protocols for running apps
  • A breach in app’s security as well as error reporting
  • Authentication of the app permissions and certificates
The Final Words

A scalable and tailored mobile application testing strategy is very important to make sure your mobile application meets the expectations and demands of your end-users. Your testing strategy should be highly dynamic and robust. It must consist of all the necessary app tests such as Usability Testing, Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, and Security Testing.

We hope the above-mentioned checklist will help you to conduct a high-end mobile app testing without missing out on anything, For any kind of mobile application testing services or advice you can Hire app testers

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