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Top 10 Selenium Test Automation Best Practices

By October 10, 2020April 29th, 2024No Comments4 min read
Top 10 Selenium Test automation Best Practices

Software developers make use of diverse tools to execute the test cases. As the generation has advanced today, there are several automated tools available for the purpose. While working on a test automation plan, Selenium testing is one such suite used for adequate testing measures. In this article, we are going to list out top test automation best practices for the Selenium test automation framework that are being adopted by Top Selenium Automation Testing Company. Before starting with the actual point. let’s have a look at what Is selenium automation testing in simple terms.

What Is Selenium Automation Testing?

Selenium is the most used open-source test automation tool of software testing that offers all kinds of testing functionality in order to deliver quality application

A few tools form this suite, including Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver, and Selenium Grid. Selenium Testing is useful for regression testing of the software and web interaction testing. Certain aspects make Selenium Testing highly essential.

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What Are The Best Practices for Selenium Automation Testing?

  • Prefer Early Testing 7 Repetitive Testing

One of the selenium best practices for availing of the best perks of selenium testing is to do early testing and repetitive testing. Implement the Selenium Testing attributes right from the phase of requirement gathering.

By starting early, the developers and testers can make sure that the application is responding adequately to the requirements of the end user. The benefit of this approach is that the test results can be provided to the developers right on time before the work is completed. It will save a lot of cost and time in the later run.

  • Use of BDD Framework

While considering selenium best practices, behavior-driven development is one of the most used development approaches for selenium testing that enables testers to prepare automation cases easily. The test cases written by the testers with the use of the BDD framework make it easy for everyone to understand without any need for coding knowledge.

  • Task Division

Task assigning is yet another important practice that you need to avail of Selenium Testing. Based on the skill levels of different testing team members, divide the test suites and test cases separately.

  • Set up Test Reports

The improvement is only possible if you can keep track of what is going on during the testing process. You need to ensure that you are keeping track of the progress of Selenium Testing to keep track of its result productivity.

  • Test Design Prior Automation

Keep in mind to create the test cases or scenarios before you set it up for selenium test automation. Sending the application directly into automation testing under selenium can result negatively. For the complete success of selenium testing, prior planning and strategy building is essential.

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  • Test Identification

Always determine your goals as a tester and decide on which test case to automate first. Always go with testing the cases that include colors, layouts, and fonts first. Later, you can move ahead to other test cases as well but in a synchronized order.

  • Selection of the Right Tool

There are many different types of selenium testing tools available for quality testing. But you need to be precise about which is essential for you. Consider the needs and requirements of the clients along with the compatibility of the software before you choose the right selenium tool.

  • Do Not Automate Test For Unstable Elements

The business owners might want to change a few elements in the software over time. In that case, if you are testing on those unstable elements that are more likely to get changed over time, you might need to test them over and over again. So, it is better not to automate the test for unstable elements.

  • Try & Avoid GUI Automation

GUI automation should be avoided if there are alternate options because too much of it makes an irreversible mess in the software. The automation engineers will help derive the required UI tests that can go for automation.

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  • Seek Quick Feedback

Put up short release cycles, which will eventually give it quicker market time for more feedback. You will get continuous feedback from functional experts, testers, stakeholders, and others to ensure spotting and rectifying errors on priority.


Selenium offers a powerful toolkit for automating web application testing. By following these best practices, you can create a robust and maintainable test suite that delivers significant value to your project. Remember, test automation is a journey, not a destination. As your application evolves, so should your test suite. Continuously refine your practices, explore new tools and techniques, and stay updated with the latest advancements in Selenium.

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