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Functional Testing that proves that the system should perform as expected.

Functional Testing Company

An application or a program is executed for software testing to clarify that the system is bug-free and to ascertain that the expected results match the actual results. This is where functional Testing comes in.

Every part of a piece of software is being examined to ensure that it works perfectly. When the features of a system are being utilized directly by the user or by another system, it is the Functional Testing that proves that the system should perform as expected.

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Why Functional Testing ? 

Functional Testing is important because:

  • It makes sure there is satisfaction with the requirements by the application.
  • System structure assumptions are not made.
  • The team can spend time on writing test cases for new modules/areas by doing automation.
  • It simulates system usage.
  • It focuses on the output produced by required inputs.
  • It tests automation frees up the QA team to focus on difficult edge-cases

How we do it

The ways by which we perform your functional Testing includes:

  • Testrig’s Test Requirements Traceability Matrix (TRTM) ensures bi-directional traceability.
  • Comprehensive Test Metrics guarantee complete visibility and transparency with unit testing metrics, process quality metrics, defect trends metrics, testing progress metric,testing productivity metrics and quality of product/application under test.
  • The ambiguity defects in the requirement phase of the software test lifecycle are identified by Testrig’s Test Requirements Traceability Matrix (TRTM).
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly status reports containing detailed analysis of test execution defects and status.
  • Testrig’s functional testing specialist makes use of proven scientific techniques while conducting detailed black-box testing, including paired Testing, Boundary Value
    Analysis and Equivalent partition.

Clients Benefits:

Customers have the following Functional testing benefits.

  • All requirements are met,
  • It guarantees efficient working of all functionalities of a software, an application or a product.
  • It makes sure that the end-user or customer is satisfied.
  • It ensures the working condition of a product/software as expected.
  • Customers enjoy a defect-free software/product.

Why Us

Why choose functional Testing with Testrig?

With our dynamic, agile testing platform and diverse crowd of testers, Testrig can handle all of your testing needs. Testing teams can be assembled within a short time with versions, platforms and devices needed to boost your software’s chances of success every time. Our professional and experienced testers provide tests data including the following:

  • Visuals such as videos and screenshots to show you precisely what the found.
  • A well-detailed process used to obtain their results.
  • Reports of bugs found alongside a severity rating.

Updated functional bugs are searched for by out able testers and attempt to reproduce the most important ones across browsers and devices.

Our Clients Says ..

TESTRIG is doing an amazing job for over a year now in handling our Quality Assurance needs. They have worked closely with our development team and consistently tested our product by providing both Manual and Automation Testing with Selenium. I would definitely recommend TESTRIG to anyone in need of QA services.

— Gabriel Fenton (Upstock)

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