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Industry Leading Top Software QA Testing Companies in the USA

By March 16, 2020June 24th, 2024No Comments6 min read
Industry Leading Top Software QA Testing Companies in USA 2023 (Updated)

Testing is a complicated and essential process. The crux of testing lies within the boundaries of time and precision. A proper testing module against a complicated application requires a lot of testing endeavors. It not only requires ample amounts of time but also requires the precision with which each test is conducted as one bug that goes untraceable means huge amounts of loss both in terms of monetary value as well as brand reputation. Since the USA is a bustling economy and has one of the busiest cities in the world, giving the required time and effort for testing services becomes a little difficult. This is the reason hiring top Software QA Testing Companies in the USA is the best choice that there is.

Even though there are very few companies that take the slice of ease that we get with outsourcing the testing services. As per Forester, only 16% of the organizations in the US outsourced their QA and software testing services, while there is a good 17% who are still on the lookout.

What are the common myths about outsourcing software QA testing services in the USA?

There are very common myths that have surrounded the companies’ mindset in regard to outsourcing software testing services to third-party testing providers. Some of them are:

  • Huge Charges
  • Delay in deliverable
  • Communication gap
  • No apt tester to be found

Contrary to the above-mentioned myths that have steadily defined the mindset of software project-holding companies, outsourcing your testing services to a company that caters solely to all forms of software testing services in every aspect possible.

Outsourcing your software testing services to the testing companies not only saves you the time and effort that you would require to put in recruiting testers across a wide range of expertise but also saves you the money that would go to waste once the project requirement ends. Also as the best companies for automation testing work across geographies, hence they have a 24*7 availability which nurses your issues on a real-time basis. Moreover, it saves you considerable time and effort…

With so many testing companies emerging in the market, this is the best possible time to hire them and nurture your testing requirements with them.

Top Software QA Testing Companies in the USA

Testrig Technologies

Software Testing company

As a Top software testing company in the USA, Testrig technologies offer all kinds of offshore testing administrations and programming QA testing services everywhere throughout the world with a profound mastery of Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, and Automation testing. As a main Independent Software Testing Outsourcing organization, Testrig Technologies values conveying high-quality end deliverables.

Testrig Technologies is recorded in the gathering of Top testing organizations that gives programming QA consulting services everywhere throughout the globe for a wide range of organizations. Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established organization, they assist you with conveying your vision to your clients. They guarantee profits with their broad QA involvement along with giving custom arrangements and getting quality items that are savvy and adjusted to your business condition.

QA Mentor

QA Mentor is an award-winning Software Testing Company in New York, USA. With 256 worldwide QA assets in 8 distinct nations offering more than 30 QA Testing Services and covering unsurpassed zones, QA Mentor is a worldwide pioneer in the Software Quality Assurance and Testing space.

Serving 260 customers from Fortune 500 to new companies in 28 nations, QA Mentor bolsters applications in 9 unique enterprises. With remarkable items suggestions from a publicly supporting stage with a pool of 12,000 publicly supported testers to an enhanced test management platform, one-of-a-kind and prudent administration contributions, and QA instruction from e-learning and corporate preparing, QA Mentor proceeds with its development, extension, and impression around the world.



Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, USA, QualityLogic integrates with your software team to build a fully customized approach to your software testing needs. Their services include automation testing, manual and functional testing, digital accessibility services, and QA consulting for mobile applications, software, and websites.

Impact QA

ImpactQA is one of the leading QA consultants and Software Testing organizations. It is Headquartered in New York and has activities in New Delhi, Munich, Dallas, and London. They have a varied customer base of 250+ fulfilled clients, extending from supporting new businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.

With just about a time of understanding, they have effectively extended their business across various testing spaces inclusive of Automation testing, Performance testing, Mobile application testing, Cloud testing, IoT testing, Security testing, DevOps testing, and AI testing. They have a selected bunch of exceptionally proficient QA engineers utilizing the best QA tools along with a blend of global delivery and client-driven methodology. 


A3logics is a USA-based IT solutions provider with the most standard services and business efficiencies. being the hub of excellence, A3logics is known for its consulting and quality testing capabilities because of its adept professionals and inherent competence to exist and get successful in the enterprise market. Services include various dimensions like IT Consulting, E-commerce, Software & Mobile app development, Healthcare to Real-Estate solutions, and from Big-data to IoT. The aim is to touch each dimension with equivalent expertise and keep the client & customers satisfied.    



DeviQA is one of the worldwide pioneers in Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services. To demonstrate that, they propose a significant level of insurance for you as their potential customer consisting of making a statement, giving the references, and lastly a preliminary trial engagement. After these four stages, you’ll know without a doubt that DeviQA is a correct accomplice.

They have a wide set of offerings that incorporate Automated testing for Web/Mobile and API, Full-cycle testing, QA process structure and arrangement, Performance/Load and Stress testing, Responsibility for the nature of your task, API testing, QA consultancy, and Audit, and so on.

They have an enhanced consideration of the protection and security of private customer information inventory.




TestMatick offers a variety of high-quality testing services and works with various desktop, mobile, and web applications. Additionally, they recommend the testing methodologies and pick the best tools needed for a specific project. Specialists in the team run automated tests and train the client’s staff on how to use them. They offer thorough, informative bug reports and offer guidance on software testing and quality control.

Functional testing, automated testing, usability testing, game testing, regression testing, mobile testing, cross-browser testing, and other services comprise its primary offerings.


For longer than 10 years, A1QA has given independent software QA and testing administrations over different enterprises, serving in excess of 500 worldwide clients, including Fortune 500 organizations. Their experience is reflected through in excess of 1500 effectively finished undertakings, supported by the tributes of their regarded clients and the ever-developing demonstrable skill of their employees.

QA Source

QA Source is a comprehensive QA company in the USA that has experience in successfully conducting various QA engagements.  This also ensures extremely affordable QA sourcing along with dedicated resources who work flexible hours in order to accommodate your requests. They have a global team so you need not worry about cross-cultural breaks and lack of any resultant communication.

Wrapping up

We have conveyed the best possible third-party top software testing companies. We hope that you make a more weighing decision regarding who suits and caters to your individual testing needs the best amidst the whole lot.

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