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Top 6 Types of Performance Testing

By July 10, 2020September 18th, 2023No Comments3 min read
Top 6 Types of Performance Testing

In order to provide the best user experience, and optimally performing website or application is important. When you want to ensure that the application performs as per the benchmark standards, performance testing becomes important. Performance testing does not test the application for bugs but ensures that it performs efficiently under different load conditions. It checks the scalability, speed, and stability of the software applications under different loads. After knowing what is performance testing, it is important to have an idea about different types of performance testing.

Wondering what is performance testing example? Here are the different types of performance testing conducted to eliminate the performance bottlenecks of the applications.

What are the Different Types of Performance Testing?

Our web and mobile application performance testing experts list out the six major types of performance testing. It includes;

  • Load Testing
  • Spike Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing
  • Endurance Testing

To determine the application speed, scalability, reliability, and compatibility Below is the deep overview of different types of Performance Testing. The analysis by the leading performance testing companylet’s discuss;

1.Load Testing

Load testing is done to determine the performance of the system in increased workload conditions. The workload refers to the transactions or the number of concurrent users. During load testing, the response time of the application is measured when the workload increases. It also measures the staying power of the application in such situations. One of the prominent examples of load testing is the evaluation of an airline website when it launches a promotion offer and expects more customers.

2.Spike Testing

Spike testing is a variant of stress testing. It helps in the evaluation of the performance of an application when the workload is quickly as well as repeatedly increased. An example of spike testing is the testing of an eCommerce website during a festive season when the number of special deals and discount keeps increasing.

3.Scalability Testing

Scalability testing ensures whether an application is able to handle the increased workloads effectively or not. During this testing, the load is gradually increased, and the performance is monitored. For instance, if your organization is expecting a three-fold increase in the server load by the next month, conducting scalability testing can help in ensuring better performance of the server.

4.Stress Testing

It also referred to as fatigue testing. Stress testing helps in the evaluation of the performance of the application beyond normal conditions.

It measures the stability of the application and helps in finding out its breakdown point. For example, stress testing of an eCommerce application can be done by increasing the number of visitors exponentially until the application is unable to handle more visitors and crashes.

5.Volume Testing

Volume testing measures the performance of an application with large amounts of data. Volume testing is also referred to as flood testing. An example of volume testing is evaluating the behavior of an online website having more than 10,000 numbers of laptops available in the ‘laptop’ category.

6.Endurance Testing

Evaluation testing measures the performance of an application under the normal workload conditions for an extended time duration. It helps in identifying issues like memory leaks. One of the examples of endurance testing is the evaluation of a banking application to check how it can sustain the continuous expected load conditions.

Knowing the types of software performance testing with examples can help in having a better understanding of the testing approach. The performance testing service providers use the best methodologies to enhance the overall performance of the software applications.

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