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How to Use TestFlight For Beta Testing: Benefits & Pre-Requisites

By June 17, 2020September 18th, 2023No Comments3 min read
How to Use TestFlight For Beta Testing Benefits & Pre-Requisites

Do many people have a question in mind about what is beta testing? In recent times, beta testing has evolved as a widely accepted testing method for different applications. When it comes to beta testing of the iOS applications, It is the most optimum platform to be used. The online service of TestFlight can be effectively used for the distribution as well as testing of the beta iOS applications. It helps in making the testing process of new applications easier. Starting from testing to tracking and managing of the beta apps becomes easy with TestFlight. So Today let’s see how to use TestFlight for beta testing with Benefits and Pre-Requisites of TestFlight iOS application testing.

Benefits of Conducting TestFlight Beta Testing

The reputed Mobile Test Automation Company makes use of the this platform for the numerous benefits it offers. Some of the major benefits are;

  • It ensures a clear process and easy testing of the new applications.
  • The dashboard of this platform makes it easier for the testers to track as well as manage the different tests.
  • It enables the distribution of applications over-the-air to the professional testers.
  • It allows simultaneous testing on multiple devices and helps in finding out program failures easily.
  • While testing the application, it helps in providing a report about the OS version as well as the model of the device used.
  • By receiving feedback from the expert testers, improving the quality of the application becomes easy.
  • In case the testers encounter any crashes, it automatically records it and sends it to the developer.

The Pre-Requisites of TestFlight Beta Testing

When you are confused about how to use TestFlight for beta testing, here are the essential requirements that you need to start the testing process.

  • An App ID.
  • A certificate for distributing the apps.
  • A device UDID.
  • A developer ID for logging into the developer account.
  • An Ad Hoc provisioning profile for distributing the application on the devices of the testers.

How to Use TestFlight For Beta Testing

In order to start the testing process, the iOS Application beta tester will have to install this platform from the app store of the iOS device. On getting an invitation for TestFlight testing, you can download the program’s official beta version. On completion of the installation process, you can easily activate the service. Then you can click the name of the product in the TestFlight and get all the relevant information.

On display, you can also install the updated version of the program. The option of “previous builds” helps you to make comparisons between various functionalities of different versions. Then you can send the bug related information to the developers. On clicking on the “Stop Testing” of the TestFlight, you can put a pause on the further testing of the program.

Official:  TestFlight Beta Testing

Beta testing apps with the help of this platform make the process much simple and easier. The professional companies that offer iOS beta testing services employ this platform for enhanced outcomes. With this tool, determining the bug priority and improving the functionality of the application becomes possible. Moreover, it helps in enhancing the communication between the clients and the end-users.

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