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API Testing Postman Vs Rest Assured: Advantages and Challenges

By May 3, 2023August 17th, 2023No Comments4 min read
API Testing Postman Vs Rest Assured

Ease of access, cost-effectiveness, and availability are a few of the benefits of e-learning applications. With the change in technology, e-learning applications have become important for businesses. However, it is the quality of the application that is one of the deciding factors in the adoption of the application.

In the blog, we will be discussing the business benefits of testing e-learning application that can help us understand the need to have quality e-learning applications.  

To be competitive and innovative in the current digital market, enterprises must shift from monolithic systems to microservice and API-based architecture. APIs are helping the organization in a number of ways including monetizing their core assets, developing new services, and extending the reach of existing ones. This is why ensuring the right quality of API is essential and critical to businesses.

Testing the APIs can help in achieving the right quality to ensure that the APIs are functional and market ready. To test the APIs we need to verify and validate various parameters of the API like functionality, UI, performance, security, and others. Now to do this we can take the help of various API testing tools available in the market. Of the different API testing tools available, Postman and REST Assured are widely used tools in the market. While Postman is a stand-alone tool, REST Assured is a Java library used in API automation testing.

The State of API report 2022 by Postman states that 89% of respondents in the survey by Postman stated that they use, the Postman tool for managing their APIs.

In this blog of Postman Vs Rest Assured, we will look into the various challenges and advantages of using the Postman and REST Assured tools for API testing which will help your organization in taking a decision while selecting a tool for API testing.

So let’s begin

What is the Postman Tool?

Postman tool is an API platform for building and using APIs. It helps in simplifying each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration which further helps in creating better APIs at a faster rate.

How does the Postman Tool work for API Testing?

In the Postman tool, you need to add your tests to Postman Collection and run those tests.

It is easy to use the tool.

Advantages of the Postman Tool:

  • Postman tool can be used without any licensing cost.
  • It is easy to use tool with a Graphical user interface and can be accessed easily after logging into your Postman account.
  • With the help of the Newman tool or Collection Runner Postman can be used to execute tests in iteration.
  • Using collection, Test maintenance becomes easy in Postman.
  • Postman can be used directly for testing different API Formats like REST, SOAP, and GraphQL.
  • Postman tool can be integrated with the CI/CD pipeline.

Challenges while using the Postman Tool:

  • In the Postman tool, we do not have the option of reusing pre-written scripts.
  • Advanced features like multiple integrations, advanced reporting, and analytics are covered under the pricing model.

What is the REST Assured Tool?

REST Assured is a Java library that helps in testing and validating REST services.

How REST Assured Tool works?

REST Assured tool scripts use the familiar Given/When/Then syntax from behavior-driven development (BDD) that makes understanding the script easy. Now we need to build Test Automation Script by creating a Testing Class and a new XML file. In REST Assured you need to generate a RequestSpecification using the RestAssured class. You need to then specify the HTTP Method type (GET method) to be tested. The Request is then sent to the server to get a response back. You can print the response to know the status of the test.

As it is a Java library and uses the BDD framework it is required that the tester has knowledge of Java and the BDD framework

Advantages of the REST Assured Tool:

  • It is an open-source tool.
  •  It supports the BDD format, which makes it easy to read the tests.
  • Code can be scaled and re-used in REST Assured.
  • Easy CI/CD integration.

Challenges with REST Assured Tool

  • The Test team needs to have knowledge of the Java programming language and BDD framework.
  • Setting up the project can be difficult.


In the above blog Postman Vs Rest Assured, we saw the advantages and challenges of Postman API testing and the REST Assured API testing tool. We also saw how REST Assured has the advantage of code re-usability, while the Postman tool is an easy-to-use tool for API testing needs.

While choosing a suitable tool for your API testing needs, you need to analyze your project requirements and decide which tool will be the best fit for your project.

A Testing partner like Testrig Technologies can help you assure that you meet your API testing goals.

Testrig’s API Testing Services involves Functional, Performance, Security, and other API testing process to ensure high-quality APIs.

Connect with our API testing experts and share your API testing requirements and our team will be glad to assist in solving your issues.

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