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E-commerce industry requires a high-performing application or software to ensure that the business processes run smoothly. Moreover, the eCommerce industries need to make sure that the improvement cycle is constant to give their consumers an optimal user-experience. So, To execute proper user experience every organisation should apply proper application/ Software Testing Strategies. As a result and

Cloud application testing is one of the major software testing process to derive the potential of the application or software with higher potential. People from diverse industries now prefer to implement cloud testing aspects or Software Cloud Testing Trends to ensure that the software or application is rich with evolved technologies. As time has evolved,

At Testrig Technologies, we understand how important it is to choose a software testing company in the USA you can trust. What’s where we come in! We are excited to announce that Clutch has named Testrig Technologies a global B2B leader in the development category. It’s an honor to be highlighted as a top software

Selenium testing tool is one of the essential automation testing tools for web applications or websites. So, it is quite efficient for you to learn the right process to code and write the selenium test scripts with the help of right selenium automation testing article. The people who want to automate the website or web

The year 2020 is about to end, and you need to make sure that you are ready to welcome the year 2021 with a passion for learning and gaining more knowledge on proficient best programming language for automation testing. Suppose you are already skilled in any particular programming language for writing the test scripts. In


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