E-Learning Application Testing Services

Special QA and testing procedure for E-Learning products that deliver education for global reader.

E-Learning Application Testing

When it comes to E-learning, the most vital element to consider is making top-quality content. Hence, E-learning software testing is a unique process that requires not only careful planning but also an increased subjective approach. At Testrig Technologies, we have over XX years of experience in providing E-learning Application Testing Services, and during this time we have acquired the expertise needed to make this process effective and seamless. We work with experts across different fields, including colleges and universities, to augment our service–making the entire process flawless.

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As a Top E-Learning App Testing Company What we do?

As a top-rated E-learning app testing company, Our primary focus is to ensure that every website or application of our clients undergoes a meticulous quality check. Our testers are committed to meeting the requirements of each trainer and learner. What you should expect from us includes:

  • Interesting content
  • Legitimate functionality
  • Excellent usability

Quality E-Learning Application Testing Services Our E-learning product testing services promotes consistency and appropriateness of E-learning programs via the following services:

Platform Testing :  We ensure that your E-learning domains are flawless and readily accessible, irrespective of the operating software, mobile device or browser used. We make sure your application works conveniently across all platforms.

Content Validation: We put a lot of effort to make sure your content is high-quality and meets the standards of your educational industry. Our experts clearly understand the importance of education as well as its different domains. We are aware that your E-learning application is a crucial part of your educational service, and we ensure it is done accurately.

Performance Testing: Testrig has competent expertise in Performance testing of E-learning-based apps and websites. Speed is our primary focus–so your students can access the site and application quickly and conveniently.

Functional Testing: Our skilled and experienced professionals ensure all aspects of your E-Learning website work correctly, including the responsiveness of buttons and tabs. We ensure your users don’t experience any issues while accessing your e-learning app.

Our E-Learning Application Testing Services includes:

  • Legitimate demonstration of courses.
  • Testing for potential problems in the student management software.
  • Effectively managing the information of students on your database.
  • Simple and impressive display including alluring colour combination and adequate placing of tabs.
  • Easy and smooth contact between students and trainer.
  • Testing the strength of online examinations under peak load.

We pride ourselves with the following:

  • A history of happy learning clients in our portfolio.
  • Awesome customized test automation frameworks.
  • Experience working with open source and commercial Learning Management Systems (LMSs).

We are committed to continually growing and evolving with every new project we execute.Connect with us here!

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