Android App Testing Company-Test Android Mobile Apps Using Kobiton

Android Mobile App Testing Using Kobiton

Android App Testing Company-Test Android Mobile Apps Using Kobiton

With the increase in the number of smartphone users, the number of mobile applications is on the rise. In order to ensure optimum performance and functionality of the android mobile applications, testing has become more important. While there are a wide variety of mobile automation testing tools, used by Mobile Test Automation Company and Kobiton evolves as an optimum tool for effective testing. In this article, we are going to explore Mobile App Testing Using Kobiton tool.

What is Kobiton Testing Tool?

Kobiton mobile app testing tool

Kobiton is basically a powerful cloud-based platform that enables the execution of manual as well as automated mobile and web testing. It enables the testers to use real mobile devices and perform app testing. Using Kobiton, you can also run the automated tests with Appium for the mobile applications and the Selenium WebDriver for the web applications.

While testing the working an application on the mobile device is important, Kobiton helps in making the task easier. It enables the continuous android app testing on a number of mobile devices. Moreover, affordable Kobiton pricing makes it easier to use the testing tool.

Website: Kobiton

Price: Free Trial Available with Different packages for team, organization, and Enterprise

Overview of Kobiton Features

There are a number of features of Kobiton that make it an ideal choice for android automation testing. Here are some of the beneficial features of the Kobiton testing tool.

  • Kobiton allows the testers to carry out parallel testing.
  • It enables performing the manual as well as automated tests on real mobile devices.
  • Kobiton supports Selenium WebDriver, Appium, and Katalon Studio.
  • Kobiton allows you to record videos.
  • It also enables you to capture the screenshots as well as user interactions.
  • Kobitons enables integration with tools like GitHub, Jenkins, TeamCity, and more.

Mobile App Testing with Kobiton

In order to start the mobile app automation testing using Kobiton, you need to log in to the Kobiton account. Then you need to select the mobile device on which you want to carry out the app automation testing. While selecting the programming language, make sure that it is properly aligned with the test script. Make the essential changes to the device configuration. Also, change the parameters as per the test script.

Then with the help of the operating system, you can start the automation testing of the android mobile application. When you want to check the automation testing status, you need to return to the home page of the Kobital portal and check the details. As the live view is not available on Kobiton, you can take the help of a third-party to monitor the live execution. Once the test gets over, you can check the details of the automation testing session on the Kobiton platform.

As a mobile testing platform, Kobiton helps in making the process of testing mobile apps faster. When you are planning to make use of this platform for app testing, knowing the Kobiton device list is important. With a good understanding of the platform, using it becomes easy. The top android app testing company that offers a number of mobile app testing services is widely making use of the Kobiton platform to deliver enhanced outcomes for the users. Use Kobiton and avail the best benefits of app testing.


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