API testing

To move fast you need to test your business layer rigorously.

The challenge:

Functional, reliable, and secure API possible with comprehensive API testing service.

With businesses adopting API First approach to support the API-enabled digital ecosystem it has become important to deploy quality APIs for a better customer experience. Organizations are now handling millions of API requests on a daily basis. The changing business and functional requirements, high usability, and high criticality make API testing important and to be performed on a continuous basis.

Challenges businesses face:

Solution by Testrig Technologies:

Assure high-quality APIs with our comprehensive API testing services.

At Testrig Technologies, we use a number of tools and technologies to make the process of API testing swift and efficient. We are proponents of early and progressive automation which helps in faster delivery of your APIs. Our API testing team of QA experts is well-equipped in using API testing tools like Postman, REST Assured, Karate, and others which makes it easy to explore, test, and debug your APIs.

Our solution:


Functional Testing

Web UI Testing

Load Testing

Runtime/Error Detection

Security Testing

Validation Testing

Interoperability and WS Compliance Testing

Automated API Testing

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Why Choose Testrig Technologies:

Testrig Technologies, is dedicated to providing the best solution to customers’ problems and the benefits are including, but are not limited to, improved product quality, reduced testing timeline, reduced errors, and increased test coverage. Leveraging automation, continuous testing, and  DevOps best practices throughout the testing lifecycle are our goals for quality delivery. Our proactive and predictive risk management strategies help customers manage business risks in time thereby preventing major future losses.

Testrig advantage:


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