Agile testing

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The Challenges:

Agile test strategy is good with correct implementation and optimized strategy.

Agile methodology in software testing is certainly beneficial for organizations and companies need to focus on quality delivery apart from achieving speed. Along with agile, companies should integrate the latest innovations in the software delivery field to reap the maximum benefits.

The lack of a structured and defined approach to product development through agile poses several challenges and risks.

Challenges faced by businesses:

Solution by Testrig Technologies:

Agile testing services with automation and the latest technology.

Our Agile testing services are based on principles of early and repetitive testing and this helps in identifying critical errors leading to a robust product. Based on requirements, we can use different frameworks like test-driven development (TDD), behavior-driven development (BDD), and others to provide a complete testing solution to our customers. We provide a holistic solution to customers’ problems and rely on showcasing tangible benefits for customer satisfaction.

Our capabilities in Agile testing:


Agile impact assessment

Agile test planning and execution

Integration with CI tools and deployment processes


Agility review

Agile Test consultancy

Our Tools

Functional Testing Tools

Non-functional Testing Tools

Agile Model Quadrants

Business Facing

Involves Functional test, prototypes, Simulation



Exploratory testing, usability, UAT

Involvs Functional test, prototypes, simulation



Performance, load, and security testing

Technology Facing

Client List

Why Choose Testrig Technologies:

At Testrig, our QA experts are known for providing innovative and optimized solutions to customers. Our process-oriented approach right from planning to execution and maintenance has always fetched us great results for our customers. Our vast experience in QA practices such as DevOps, Continuous testing, agile testing, and test automation helps in achieving the right quality standard. 

Testrig advantage:


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