Why Visitors Leave Your Site Within Seconds

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Why Visitors Leave Your Site Within Seconds

After spending days and nights mulling over your website copy, you now have it perfectly displayed alongside polished images and the site looks very professional. You even invested in many marketing efforts to increase the traffic to your site and to generate more leads.

It’s now been many days since you first launched your website; days are turning into months, but where are those customers?

It takes more than just building a website to get visitors to convert into customers.

Here are a few mistakes that visitors notice about your website and then decide to leave:

  • Outdated design: The design of your website matters a lot. Would you trust a website that seemed a little dodgy? If the website at first glance makes the visitor feel uneasy then they will leave.
  • Hard to Read Content: The content on your website should be ‘an easy read’ and it’s not just the words that make it easy; it’s the whole package – the font, size, background and colors you decide to use.
  • Outdated Plugins: These days, users neither have the time nor the patience for your Flash files, more so that need version updates. Use HTML5 instead, and have a short transcript below the video that help your SEO efforts.
  • Too many Ads: People can be skeptical about online banner ads so it shouldn’t be the first thing they see. If you have to have them on your website, consider limiting them, and be strategic about their display locations.
  • Unclear Navigation: Have you ever reached a website that seemed like a maze and you had to really think about where the information you need is? And still couldn’t find it? This kind of poor layout is bad for your website and even worse for your SEO.
  • Awkward Registration: Too many fields can exasperate the user and they may leave halfway through the registration process. Keep only what is really important and remove the fields that could be unnecessary.
  • Loading time: Users can leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load. Three seconds! Page load optimization should be a priority.
  • Product Benefits: Users want to know why they should choose your product or service against a rife of other competitor products and services. Ensure to have relevant content that sells the benefits of your product or services, and not just features.
  • Unresponsive Site: With an increasing number of mobile users and more so – mobile shoppers, it is imperative that your website is responsive on mobile or else, you are bound to lose all those (increasing number of) customers and sales!
  • HACKED Website: Even if you are a diligent webmaster that followed all the rules, there is still a chance that your website could be hacked. If you are unable to scour your codes every day, consider investing in an automated tool that does it for you.

Your website’s performance is bound to be better if you consider such nuances as mentioned here and many others, which will make your website more appealing to the customer.

Apart from the above points if your website is not Tested well after developing, It will also impact your daily visitors. So If you don’t want to lose your customers then test your website performance from one of the best software testing company-Hire Testers Today!

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