A Guide to Learn Types of Web Application Automation Testing

types of automation testing

A Guide to Learn Types of Web Application Automation Testing

In the tech-driven era of the 21st century, websites have become the most prominent ways for a business to reach out to its target audience. However, it is important to ensure the optimum performance of the web application for the greater success of the business. When it comes to the types of testing the website performance, web application automation testing is the right option. Leveraging web application automation testing helps businesses to ensure flawless performing websites for enhanced user experience. To execute web application automation testing every software tester knows the important types of automation testing and needs to identify what kind of test cases can be automated.

Types of Web Automation Testing: How To Automate a Web Application Test?

Let’s explore the types of automation testing and learn how to automate a web application test with Some of the most popular types of web application automation testing;

  • Functionality Testing

Functionality plays an important role in determining the success of a business website. In case the users come across any errors while using the website, it can result in the abandonment of the website. This can affect the profitability of the business. In order to ensure that all the aspects of the website function smoothly, it is important to perform functional testing. Functional testing validates the various pages and fields on the website, ensures seamless functioning, and provides a better user experience.

  • Performance Testing

In the busy schedule of today’s generation, no one likes to wait too long for a website to load. In order to ensure the great speed of your website, it is important to conduct performance testing. Performance testing helps in delivering the flawless performance of the website under different load conditions. It helps in improving the stability as well as the scalability of the web application.

  • Web Usability Testing

In recent times, people like using web applications that are easy to use. Web usability testing helps in optimizing web applications in order to provide better user experiences. It ensures that the website has easy navigation and clear messages as well as pop-ups. It also verifies that all the pages of the website containing clear and concise content are easily accessed by the users.

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  • Compatibility Testing

Not all users use the same operating system or browser to access web applications. Hence, it is important to perform compatibility testing. Compatibility testing helps in ensuring that your website performs well across different operating systems, browsers, as well as mobile browsing options. It validates that the web application runs efficiently on operating systems like Windows, Linux, Max, and more, and browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, and more.

  • Security Testing

In the present scenario, the number of vulnerabilities and cyber threats is increasing. Businesses must focus on the security of their website as well as that of customer data. Security testing helps in finding out the potential loopholes and ensuring appropriate protection against the cyber attacks. Having secured web applications helps in meeting the regulatory standards and gaining the trust of the customers.

  • Web Accessibility Testing

Every business wants to make its web application accessible by all the users, including the differently-abled individuals. Accessibility testing helps in optimizing your website and making it easy to access by the differently-abled persons. It also ensures meeting the regulatory website compliances. 

With optimum and suitable types of web application automated testing, businesses are sure to enjoy greater success. Looking to automate your web application testing? Discuss with the Top USA Based Web Automation Testing Company and Hire Tester Today!

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