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Travel Application Testing

The travel industry is constantly growing due to technological advancements. As a result, a travel booking portal has numerous functions such as booking, in-depth search for places, payment gateway, timing, seat availability, rating & reviews, and so on.

Today, the expectations of customers are high. Clients require their travel booking system to be smooth, secured, fast, and user-friendly. At Testrig being a Top Travel App Testing Company in USA, we are committed to promoting your travel business with our testing services for your customers to get a wonderful experience working with you.

Travel & Tourism Application Testing Services Company in US

Why Choose Us as a Travel App Testing Company

During the preparation of test scenarios and test cases for travel websites, At Testrig, our experts test your applications and website with your preferred operating system and mobile device in a real-world scenario. This means we may have to carry out testing in trains, planes, and automobiles (which is why leading travel organizations have chosen to partner with us). We try to move at our own pace and meet your expectations: functions such as booking in-depth, search for places, payment gateway, timing, seat availability, rating & reviews, and so on.

What we do

As a  dedicated mobile app testing company, we at Testrig are ever-ready to support you in testing your travel and booking application. We make sure that your app has a simple interface with easy navigation, also, we identify a list of bugs after testing your:

  • Travel agency mobile app/website.
  • Hotel booking mobile app/website.
  • Travel guide mobile app/website.
  • Restaurant mobile app/website.
  • Flight booking mobile app/website.

Our Travel Application Testing Services

Functional Testing: This is done on your travel application/website to ensure that everything is functioning perfectly.

Conformation Testing: We test your application and website to make sure they are stable and all defects are fixed.

Cross-platform Testing: We test the application in your mobile devices and browser as well as their compatibility.

Load Testing: We test for how well your website and apps would function under pressure and traffic, and examine reports to know its performance

Usability Testing: This test confirms if your travel websites or application is easy to navigate and use by your clients.

Automation Testing: We create a strong automation framework which conducts regression testing for your apps with several standards and test cases.

Travel booking is a very competitive business, so you need to improve your customer experience when they shop and it is important to use the best test scenarios and test cases for travel booking while Testing the Travel application. Your clients are booking travel from their mobile devices and even on the fly, hence your apps/website needs to work right the first time, otherwise the business goes elsewhere.

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