Tosca Test Automation services

Rapid test automation with codeless and AI-powered approach

The Challenges:

Address test automation issues with a user-friendly tool and robust test strategy.

Adopting business and technology changes for digital transformation is necessary for businesses to thrive in the current economic situation. Test automation is a critical component of this journey that has evolved from traditional automation to full-fledged automation and now to Hyperautomation. However, there are still several challenges businesses come across while implementing test automation.

Businesses Challenges :

Solution by Testrig Technologies:

Tosca Test automation service with a no-code solution to ensure accuracy and consistency across tests.

Testrig’s Tosca test automation service helps you create tests for application programming interface (API), web, and mobile. It supports various levels of testing including exploratory testing, mobile testing, system integration testing, performance testing through NeoLoad, and regression testing. It even supports. The services are easily configurable within the DevOps CI and CD pipeline. Providing optimized test automation solutions and our vast experience of serving customers across varied domains act as key differentiators for us in the market.

Our Solution:


Continuous Testing

Low-code/no-code approach

Model-Based Test Automation

Test Design and Modeling

Functional and Non-functional testing

Business-Driven Development and Test Scripting

Data Driven Automation

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Why Choose Testrig Technologies:

Testrig Technologies has proven expertise in offering our clients the best test automation solution. We leverage best-of-breed technology so that our clients meet their business goals quickly. We work as partners to assist our customers in their digital transformation journey.

Testrig advantage:


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