The Top Prominent Reasons Why Mobile Apps Failure Cause & How to Avoid Them

Why Mobile Apps Fail,mobile app testing company in USA

The Top Prominent Reasons Why Mobile Apps Failure Cause & How to Avoid Them

Thousands of Apps are continuously been introduced into the mobile app market, at least Google Play and Apple’s app store boasts of a combined 5 million Apps on their platforms. However, not all app is successful after launch, and this had been attributed to app failure. It should be noted that app failure, in this case, transcends bugs or defects which can be remedied. Have you wondered why most apps are left un-downloaded on mobile app stores or why users uninstall an app immediately they download it because it doesn’t meet their expectations or Why mobile apps fail? The simple answer is that apps that fall into such categories as simply fail.

Why Mobile Apps Fail? Top Factors can Cause an App to Crash

As a developer or even a user of mobile apps, it is necessary to understand the underlying reasons why apps do not succeed or more aptly “why apps fail ” and how it can be avoided. The following are brief snippets into the most prominent reasons of apps fails & how to avoid them

1.Lack of Research

Most apps fail because developers failed to carry out research before going headlong to develop a mobile app. Before a developer can proceed on designing an app, he/she must have answers to the following questions;

  • Hope the proposed app won’t duplicate the function of an existing app?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • Who are my target customers and will the app meet the expectations of the user?

What factors can cause an app to crash?

In the area of research, there are so many factors due to mobile app crash happen such as;

  • Fewer competitors app analysis 
  • Less understanding of target market
  • Less analysis of User behavior 
  • Less return on your investment

2.Customer’s Need

This is the biggest reason for mobile app failure. The most app does not meet the needs or expectations of users on first use. A survey reported that 50% of users uninstall an app immediately never to use again as soon as they notice the app does not meet their expectations.

3.Poor Publicity

Now in day’s The mobile app failure rate increased due to lack of promotion and publicity. Most developers make the mistake of not ensuring adequate and enough publicity for their app before launching. Hence, most users are not aware of the existence of the app or even know its functions.

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4.Poor or No Testing

Studies had shown that 44% of app bugs or defects are first noticed by users and considering that it is very rare for an app to be launched without minor bugs or defects even for a very successful app. However, most developers in order to save cost usually ignore subjecting their mobile app to testing. Mobile app Testing is really important for any application because it is the main process of the software development life cycle in which mobile app testers check your application for its functionality, usability, and compatibility.

5.Poor User Interface

Most users immediately abandoned an app if they notice that it proves difficult to perform some seemingly simple functions or tasks on the app. Other causes of poor user experiences are slow or lagging app, unnecessary long loading time, etc.

Other forms of app failures have been identified has Ignoring of platform requirement i.e. not following strictly the code or rules for designing an app to be used on a particular Operating System (OS); Duplicity of an existing app; Lack of response to users’ feedback or reviews; Too many features; App not meeting users’ expectations etc.

For an app developer to ensure his/her app succeeds, they must ensure that adequate publicity is done for the app and sensitization of prospective users through various social media platforms is carried out before launching. Likewise, it seems most developers are blind to the defects or bugs they unknowingly introduced into their apps while building it, hence, it is pertinent for app developers to outsource the app testing of their apps to Top Software Testing company for QA. In the same vein, developers should regularly upgrade the app based on users’ reviews.


The most important part is User-Experience of any application it’s key to application success. Every Application or business can fulfill their customer needs by the quality mobile application testing.

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