At Operance, we are so pleased to have TestRig as our QA testing partner. From the first engagement, they demonstrated professionalism and that they understood our requirements. Our TestRig QA Tester quickly settled in as a member of our team and took ownership of our QA requirements leaving our development team to focus on what they do best. The product stakeholders have commented how happy they are now that many bugs are being found proactively and usually before any users have had chance to find them which continuously improves the lives of our users.

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    USA -

    Testrig Technologies,
    539 W.Commerce #687,
    Dallas TX 75208
    +1 (347) 464-1241

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    304, Pentagon 3,
    Magarpatta city,
    Pune, India
    +91 2048612088
    +91 7219829724